Montag, 16. Mai 2022

Monday's Long Song


During the last week there was a lot of work to do in the office and I didn't found time and inspiration to keep the blog going. And it seems that this week will not be much different. On Saturday all of thoughts cruised around the last game of Stuttgart. They needed to win against Cologne and simultaneous Berlin has to lose in Dortmund. Sadly I got no tickets so we had to watch the game in a local pub. The pub was filled over one hour before the tingler and Stuttgart made probably their best game in the first half this season but missed like always to make more than one goal. So it happened like many times this season that Cologne made the balance by a huge mistake of our goal keeper. The same time Dortmund made the 2:1 against Berlin and we come to terms with the relegation this week until our mid-field player Endo made our 2:1 with a header in the extra time. This results were enough and we will play in Bundesliga next season again. All over the town we saw so many happy people that we missed the third relegation in six years. Today's song is from a new compilation called Sound From The Iranian Ultraverse I got aware last week. Artists from the Iranian diaspora located sometimes in the Bay area and New York became a platform for slamming electro, techno and propulsive breakbeats with parts of dizzying synths and warehouse raves. This song by Voiski is a good example of what is possible for these artists. Foreboding minimal techno with a massive futuristic touch.

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2022

Astronaut From Dubai


I got aware of a new release by Fjordfunk, a band/collective from Troms, Norway. They name their sound Arctic funk and it seems to be the right description. Jann Dahle created with his project a cool down and reduced funk sound based on on  northern funk with massive bass and influences of 90's disco sound. For me superb mixture that works on every time of the day. A fantastic title by the way.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2022



Yesterday Adam featured on our Monday's Long Song series a superb song from Craven Faults from their series of 12 inch Lowfold Works EP's. I don't have to say much more about them that they are nothing more or less a band that made me happy with most of their releases during the last years. This one is a remix by Pye Corner Audio. Atmospheric drone sound from another galaxy. 

Montag, 9. Mai 2022

Monday's Long Song


Leeds' Paisley Dark label are going to release a new version of Shelter Me, a compilation of from their artists and other remixes during the next weeks. They released only four songs from this album and one of them impressed me much. Ed Mahon, a  Blackpool DJ and producer, remixed Bowroux an indie-dancefloor song originally release by Pete Callard a couple of years ago. It is a song with stomping beats interrupted by shouted uh's and some piano chords. Just another overlooked song and perfect for the start into a new week. 

Samstag, 7. Mai 2022

Back To Guitar Sound


Back then in 1990 Bristol's The Blue Aeroplanes released their fourth album Swagger a little Masterpiece of guitar dominated sound you heard seldom before and after. They created a sound for a summer that made us feel end and timeless. On And Stones they made a unique combination guitar drive and dance beat. This song was played at our place in every good club and after all the decades that passed me by it is an album I will always come back with great joy. Timeless and superb music that wasn't made these days but I am sure this kind of revival will come soon.

The Blue Aeroplanes - And Stones

Freitag, 6. Mai 2022

A Bit Of Previous


Belle and Sebastian are going to release a new album after a long time. I always had a huge fondness to them and not only they made timeless songs that you could hear at any time at any place. As far as I heard from this album I think the title is program. They didn't changed their sound and they are have still the abilities to write cheerful and weighty songs like we used to get from them. Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking - just more indie-pop songs high above the usual level. Good to have them back.

Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2022

Live Music On German TV


Another post in a long living series of live music in German Television. Back then in the early 80's the airplay in radio stations for modern music for young people were a desert. I can remember when we were lucky that local radio station played rock music for just one or two hours each day. Me and my friends switched to AFN, the local radio station for American soldiers close to my town. It got better in the beginnings of the 80's when also local TV stations made formats for young people. Beside Beat-Club which were featured at this place for several times, Bavarian TV produced a format for twens where political and social themes were discussed by young people. I remember the first discussions about HIV and new right wing fascists in Germany that impressed me much and built the tenor of the thoughts and meanings I have right now. It was usual that after the discussions a band played a short live concert that was featured on TV. Searching for clips from Live From Alabama, an old concert hall in Munich, I found a lot of live performances that are worth to be featured now and during the next weeks. One of those was a concert by Everything But The Girl from May 1985 and it shows the abilities of Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt playing songs from their first albums. They were great at this time and never lost anything of their attraction during the last decades. A footage that is superb for me.

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2022

The Notwist


Recently I came back to another German band that I almost forgot. The Notwist were formed in 1989 in Weilheim, upper Bavaria as another Hüsker Dü and Sonic Youth inspired young band playing strong and fast songs like their idols. After their fabulous debut they changed their sound into more melodic and you could hear influences by New Order in many songs. Their second album Neon Golden from 1990 is sadly a forgotten highlight and only known by some hardcore fans from this band. For me it is a timeless album showing the abilities of German new music in these days and this is not the worst reason to feature a few songs from their first albums. Enjoy.

The Notwist - Nothing Like You

The Notwist - Seasons

The Notwist - Pilot

The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone

Montag, 2. Mai 2022

Monday's Long Song


Last Friday our friend JC over at The New Vinyl Villain posted a superb story about Chemical Brothers' Surrender 20th Anniversary Vinyl Box. He was tempted to release a 21 minute version of Out Of Control but finally selected another song. Thankfully he delivered me a copy and after listening to a tour-de-force of dance music I think it is necessary to feature it on this series. Written together with Bernard Sumner from New Order and backing vocals by Bobby Gillespie the song has a fantastic base line and guitar and synths keep pushing this song forward. A mad psychedelic mix full of echoes and beats from an era long gone by but still at the height of time.

Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control (The Secret Psychedelic Mix

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2022

Songs From The Guestroom


There is a long running series in Austrian radio called FM4 Gästezimmer. In this show artists could present their favorite songs. A few weeks ago Austrian electronic duo HVOB were at the radio station presenting their faves, mostly songs by artists that were new to me. Some of them are just nice others were worth to mention. The first one I want to feature here is by Bob Moses, a band from Vancouver formed in New York about ten years ago. Love Brand New is one of their latest releases and starts with a bass-line you heard in many other songs but in combination with this guitar it sounds new. Another good and cool alternative pop song.

Okay Kaya is new to me and the internet didn't tell much that she is a Norwegian- American musician and actress from New Jersey. Comic Sans is one of those pop gems from the last years that didn't reached my ears. Starting with a remarkable bass line to join later with some chords and her expressive voice lifts this song to an extraordinary level.

Freitag, 29. April 2022

The Pile


Every now and then I return to soul music a genre I am not the greatest expert in but I really enjoy great voices and sounds this genre is able to give. In my opinion more and more new artist integrate soul elements into their sound and it is a good thing. One of those is Adam Scrimshire, a London based musician, producer, DJ and singer with a huge fondness to 70's soul. Last year he released his latest album Nothing Feels Like Everything that I discovered a few weeks ago. He developed his own very warm and jazzy kind of electronic music, which in some moments recalls the albums Terry Callier recorded in the 70's. Scrimshire builds on these ideas and expands them with a contemporary sound palette. The Pile is the best example what I mean. A great bass line and accented guitar licks make the floor for Scrimshire's vocals that were added by strings and piano. A song that stands alone in a row of soulful releases last year.

Donnerstag, 28. April 2022

Willi Resetarits 1969 - 2022


For his dialect blues and rock, the Austrian singer Willi Resetarits was known as "Ostbahn-Kurti" - now the musician has died at the age of 73. He died on Sunday by an accident in his home. He started his career in the late 60's as a member of Schmetterlinge a political agitating band. They got country-wide known as they represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977 where less people understood the irony in their song about commercial mass compatible songs. Since the eighties Resetarits, switched to lead vocals and harmonica, portrayed the rock'n "roll art figure Ostbahn Kurti. He invented the fictional biography of the forgotten Viennese suburban rock'n' roller with proletarian pride, slippery street-smart Viennese wordplay and earthy interpretations of great post-sixties blues and rock classics in the Viennese dialect, including his versions of several songs by Bruce Fire ("Feia"), Townes Van Zandt's "At my Window" (Liagn and lochn) and songs by Dave Edmunds, ZZ Top, Steve Miller or Frank Zappa. In recent years he has been very committed to social projects and became one of the most humorous and therefore most credible and vocal speakers for integration and dignified dealings with refugees and minorities of the republic. He was not a phenomenal musician or songwriter but beyond doubt a very good live artist and I can bear witness when I saw him several times live with his band during the last decades. 

Rest easy Willi

Dienstag, 26. April 2022

Monday's Long Song On Tuesday


I didn't manage to create my regular post for Monday this weekend so I decided to deliver another long song one day after. According to my post from last Friday I think it great to post a song from long times ago another time. Alex Harvey and his Sensational band were one of those bands from the pre-punk era that are worth to be remembered. Formed in Glasgow in  the early the 70's they they highly influenced punk and new wave band in Europe and all over the world. Harvey made his unique interpretation of rhythm and blues compatible for many bands that came a decade later. Faith Healer is a masterpiece of him and for me a song for eternity.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer

Sonntag, 24. April 2022

Let's Do It Again


Last week Jamie xx dropped a new song since a couple of years. Let's Do It Again fulfills any expectations I had on this. Another forward driving song with sharp, repetitive electronic beats and backing vocals with a massive touch on gospel. This could be a new anthem for the clubs this year. A song heard once and I can't get it out of my head.

Freitag, 22. April 2022

Live Adventures Of Past Times


Travelling in the 70's was much more difficult than today. Especially when you have a very low budget to spent. Under normal circumstances it is not a big problem to get a cheap flight to any capitol in Europe. Back then those flights were invaluable for one who had started his education as an apprentice boy. Nevertheless I needed to have a break to see other countries and cities. The cheapest way was to buy an Interrail Pass. This ticket was valid for one month and you could travel to in and between all participated countries for approximately 30 pounds. So me and my younger brother bought the tickets and traveled by train through Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France mostly close to the sea during July 1977. And it was fantastic to see all the countries, sleeping in youth hostels and meet all that different kind of people.

When we walked through Copenhagen we saw many bills announcing  The Sex Pistols playing two nights in town. I have to admit that I heard of them and that they are spearhead of the new punk movement but I didn't know any song by them. So I decided to get us tickets for the show and looking forward what will happen. Daddy's Dance Hall was a smaller but elevated club with a small stage and a long bar. The DJ before the show started played his records from a gallery circa 10 feet over the ground and the first song he played when we arrived was a loud version of Faith Healer by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. And this loundness was silent by comparison to what The Pistols would be able to. Sadly there were only a few dozen people watching the show but they missed something special. Not the sound - this was horrible and overcharged but to see those guys in their rotten and leather outfits playing with an energy I never saw before and seldom after. As far as I remember the gig ended after 45 minutes but they played all the songs they had in these days. From EMI to Anarchy In The UK, Pretty Vacant and God Save The Queen and a cover of The Stooges No Fun. But this concert changed my musical taste radically.

Sex Pistols - EMI

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant

Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen

Mittwoch, 20. April 2022

One Of 4AD's Finest


4AD was always a record label that had it's antennas looking out for new and fresh sounds. In the early 80's they signed The Wolfgang Press a post-punk band inspired by PIL's Metal Box. In their early days they played another post-punk music like many others but during the later years they created from their roots a sound that absorbed funk and dance into their sound. Bird Wood Cage their third album from 1988 was one of those which were at the height of times back then and made it easy for those who could try to step into a new sound experience. Almost three decades ago The Wolfgang Press made a record that is worth to be remembered although the mass didn't recognized them.

The Wolfgang Press - Kansas

The Wolfgang Press - Raintime

In 1991 they made a cover version of Randy Newman's Mama Told Me Not To Come a song about a desert party in Los Angeles in the seventies of the last century in which drugs and whiskey were the basis for extensive orgies. I love this song in almost every versions but the way The Wolfgang Press played them was extremely great.

The Wolfgang Press - Mama Told Me Not To Come (Bad Boy Mix)

Dienstag, 19. April 2022

Another Underrated Album From Last Year


It is almost one year ago when Preston romantics White Flowers released Day By Day their first full album. I got this one digital, listened to it and forgot. When I cleaned um my hard drive I found this album once again and finally I saw the beauty of this record. Some might call it another shoegaze record or a poor copy of the Cocteau Twins or a slow version of Siouxie but I think they have all the named ingredients but on a very own way. There are ethereous voices over all songs and sparse orchestrated but always with a touch of dark sound. For some times this albums works very well and it is worth to be featured at this little place of the internet.

Montag, 18. April 2022

Monday's Long Song


SUSS are a NYC-based quartet playing a different kind of guitar dominated music. I featured them months ago due to the release of their last album Promis. A few months ago they released Night Suite, the first EP of a series of Ambient-country sound. It is a combination of their unique combination of classic Americana instrumentation wit pedal steel, deep tempered guitar and harmonica interwoven with loops and synthesizers. Therefore they left the east-coast and moved to Arizona and New Mexico to fathom the possibilities of new desert music. The result was an atmospheric piece of music showing a new kind of music that works well in midnight to dawn.

SUSS - Ash Fork AZ

Sonntag, 17. April 2022

Bruce Willis


No, there is no talk here about Bruce Willis, who announced his retirement from the movie business a few weeks ago due to his illness. It is about Japanese Television, a new band from London. I heard that Jimi Hendrix once said You'll never hear surf music again and listening to those quartet they rove the opposite to him. They twang on their guitars and add some synthetically psychedelic sound  and keyboards to it. The result are a couple of songs that made me smile listening to their own interpretation of history. Sadly the full album isn't on the level of these songs. But it could be a nice EP.

Samstag, 16. April 2022

If I Only Could Remember My Name


In 1971, now over 50 years ago, David Crosby released his first solo album. I found this again when I made safety copy on my external drive and I couldn't resist listening to it once again. This album is one of those from the early 70's that is still worth to listen from time to time not only for one that always liked his voice. It has this kind of westcoast sound based on blues and filled with great harmonies. As far as I know many artists from associated bands like Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and CSN&Y supported him on this album. This is retro sound of course but I think there were less musicians today who are able to make records like these.

David Crosby - Music Is Love

David Crosby - Tamalpais High (At About 3)

Freitag, 15. April 2022

My Mum Was Nico's Driver


A few days ago a song by a band I've never heard before came to my ears and never let me go since. HANN is a Manchester based indie-pop band and derived by the singers first name Hannah. I don't know if the story of the song is true but it is clever using name dropping in a good pop song. Of course nothing new and exciting but just another good song for the upcoming summer.

The brilliance of the song's lyrics is that I remembered Nico once again. Born in Germany as Christa Päffgen before the war she became a model and moved to New York where Andy Warhol got aware of her. He also was the one who introduced her to Velvet Underground where she got a member of. Although she couldn't sing her voice fitted together perfectly with the Velvet's sound. In 1967 she released her first solo album Chelsea Girl a little masterpiece by her. With the help of her bandmates Reed and Cale and Jackson Browne she created probably the blueprint of doom and gothic sounds that should became decades later famous. On 18 July 1988 Nico swings on her bike; dressed in black leather trousers and other heavy clothes, her emaciated body collapses in the shade at 40 degrees in Ibiza. The woman, who turned the head of many of the most desirable men of the 60s and also became an icon musically, leaves her life on a roadside in the bright sun of Spain. 

Nico - These Days

Mittwoch, 13. April 2022

Dirty Window Or Opportunity


Nothing new to say today - just another new tune by Pye Corner Audio, the electronic music project by Martin Jenkins for your pleasure. And it is another superb piece of music. Synthesizers and occasional piano inserts are improvised over a constantly driving beat that work well in a club and as well at your place. Good stuff.

Dienstag, 12. April 2022

Female Post-Punk Bands


In addition of Sunday's post about Wet Leg, Echorich named in his comment a few a few all female bands that hit the scene back in 1979, the year everything in music was possible (and fantastic). In many countries girls formed their bands and made records. Some of them were just on the fringes for a couple of month, others became influences for other bands that appeared years later. This made me listening to those bands that were still in my mind but I forgot listening to them during the last years. This should be a short appreciation for what they did for music more than 40 years ago.

The Raincoats were a London post-punk band formed by Gina Birch and Ana da Silva when they saw The Slits live in the late 70's. Later The Slits ex-drummer Palmolive joined the band for their first self titled album. Their sound was mostly dissonant but stunning because of their energy and fun playing their instruments. 

Leeds gave us not only Gang of Four and The Mekons, also Delta 5 were formed there. A band that also absorbed funk into their unique sound. Mind Your Own Business is their legacy and still a song that sounds fresh like in the days it was released.

Kleenex/Lilliput were a band from Zurich, Switzerland that are typical for European female punk. Trashy and with unconventional lyrics (in German and in English as well) they created an unique sound that impressed John Peel for a session. 

Montag, 11. April 2022

Monday's Long Song


The release of Horace Andy's new album prompted me to listen to the music of Massive Attack again after a long time during the weekend. When people talk about one of their best albums they seldom name their second one Protection. For me it also a highlight of Massive Attack's output and not only they were lucky to replace Shara Nelson by Tracey Thorn. Protection had except the title track no song that reached high position in the charts but the whole album has a very special mood for relaxing. In 1996 they made together with Mad Professor a remix album on a dub floor. This version of the song is one of the highlights of this project.

Massive Attack - Protection (Radiation for the Nation Mix)

Sonntag, 10. April 2022

Attention Hype


The word hype is a relic from another era. Back then, in the 1990s, more guitars were probably sold than mobile phones. With each print edition of the NME magazine, a new "best band of all time" was proclaimed on the front page. This and beyond the Atlantic, Alternative Rock, Manchester Rave, Grunge, Brit-Pop and strumming indie-rock entered the charts. Mocking lads and nonconformist riot grrrls became role models, celebrities and fashion icons. Before the crash came, Tony Blair even celebrated the Champagne Supernova with a British premier. And today? In times of media irritation, the name Wet Leg is probably noted between two glass of beer with a shoulder twitch. Brilliant! But you don't have to know them. This were my thoughts when I listened to Wet Leg's self titled first album. I have to admit that I really liked their first single Chaise Longe that was one of last summers songs and I didn't expected anything from the album. But singer Rhian Teasdale and guitarist Hester Chambers from Isle of Wight were able to write more indie-rock songs high above the level you could expect. The music may sound like a best-of-indie rock of the past 30 years. But the way Wet Leg handles the challenges of our time is fueled by an unusually snotty attitude. All in all an album that makes fun at the time but I suggest less people will remember their names in a couple of years. 

Samstag, 9. April 2022

El Mirador


It is good to know that something is reliable in times were many things quickly change and life we used to have isn't the same now. So I was happy that the new album El Mirador fulfilled every expectation I had on it. Of course Joey Burns and John Convertino didn't invented a new sound but it is good to know for me that they are still able to make their Mariachi/Americana guitar based sound as we was used by them. Most of the songs have the touch of desert/border sound and it should be the perfect soundtrack when you drive with your cabriolet along the Mexican border.  

Freitag, 8. April 2022

Live Adventures Of Past Times

In the early 80's Oz, a new discotheque (later it was called as a club) opened the doors in Stuttgart. The specific at this place was the basement where the owners realized a small venue for live concerts. I remember one evening when me and a couple of friends owned tickets for a new band from West Sussex. The Cure came to promote their second album Seventeen Seconds and we expected nothing more than a good gig. What we became was one of the best concerts I ever had the luck to be part of it. The venue was very small and constructed for maybe 300 visitors but at this evening there were more than 500 persons in this venue. You could imagine how it was standing in a crowd  close rank to your neighbor, the air was filled with a full load of cigarette smoke in the air for a couple of hours. I remember also that lots of people standing on the stairs and watching the show. The concert started with the supporting act, Abwärts a punk band from Hamburg and they were full of the energy punk gave them in these days. I really enjoyed their fast and amateurish songs. The perfect support for the main band. I saw The Cure several times during the last decades but they couldn't beat this gig. Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst had so much fun playing their songs and made their gloomy songs brighter. After almost two hours playing most of the songs from their first two albums they finished their gig and giving the audience a session of four songs together with Abwärts playing a few standards by associated bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees. All in all a venue were we came back often in these days.

Abwärts - Computerstaat

The Cure - A Forrest

Donnerstag, 7. April 2022

Cool Kids Of Death


Tiger Bay was the third album by Saint Etienne an indie-dance band from London released in 1994. I have to admit that I always liked them because they their name not only was lent by French football team AS Saint Etienne that had their best times in the mid 70's when they played in the pre Champions League and lost the final in Glasgow unfortunately against Bayern München. The main thing about the band was that they were able to combine different kind of genres like folk, rock, dance club music into their very own sound. Their debut Foxbase Alpha from 1991 was a groundbreaking record for me, introducing this sound to my ears. Their third album Tiger Bay three years later is an underrated album in fact of following albums by artists that made great first records their following albums bear the fate of repeating the same once again. But listening to this album I think there are so many great songs on it that are worth to be listened to decades later. Cool Kids Of Death by the remix of Underworld shows once again that their songs are so good and worth to be remixed.

Saint Etienne - Cool Kids of Death (Underworld Remix)

Mittwoch, 6. April 2022



In 1992 Scottish band Primal Scream went after their eponymous album Screamadelica to Memphis to make an album with legendary producer Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section. The sessions lead to an album that never saw the light of day until a few years ago. Many of the tracks were released on their fourth album Give Out But Don't Give Up but the songs from their sessions were much better than on this album. Primal Scream and Bobby Gillespie had never before and after more soul than in Memphis and better musicians in the background. Never expected that a Scottish band could play soulful song like these. I still come back to their Memphis' recordings from time to time with great joy.

Primal Scream - (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

Primal Scream - Free

Dienstag, 5. April 2022



In 1992 Flowered Up appeared on the scene as another indie-pop/alternative dance band. Formed in Camden Town, London they were part of the Manchester scene in these days. Their legacy was a 15 minutes tour de force of rhythm, guitars, bass and some voices and they hit the sound of this summer. The band split up after only one album in 1994 amid massive drug problems. But what will be in history is this song remixed by the great Andrew Weatherall.

Flowered Up - Weatherall's Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit More partial mix)

Montag, 4. April 2022

Monday's Long Song


Mark Hollis was the mastermind behind Talk Talk and died too early three years ago. They started in the early 80's with synth-pop and new wave and became great commercial success. After the first albums Hollis moved more and more to a different kind of sound. More ambitious and intimate than before. Most of these songs are intimate reflections of his life and thriftily arranged with less instruments. And it is just this what I loved about his music. Seldom artists were able to make songs like these - one other was Nick Drake. But this is another story to be told. This version is from their live album from 1986 showing them at the peak of their creativity.

Talk Talk - Renee

Sonntag, 3. April 2022

In A Dream


Last year Sheffield's musician and producer Yarni brought us the superb album Boro that sadly not featured on this little place yet. Boro is taken from the Japanese word for patchwork textiles and the music on the album is just like this: a mixture of jazz, funk, rock, ambient and a lot of electronica. Since I found this album it is one I always get back to when I want to relax and slow down. Now Yarni is going to release another album during the next week and In A Dream i an appetizer. A laid back song with piano and thrifty guitars and jazzy horns made perfect by the voice of Emily Marks. The perfect start for me into a Sunday where winter has come back to my town.

Freitag, 1. April 2022

Live Adventures Of Past Times


It was back in 1979 when German fun punk band appeared close to the place where I used to life. ZK (absolutely sickening) where from Düsseldorf and formed around the punk scene from their home town. And they were an original punk band and often not knowing how to handle their instrument and later become Tote Hosen, probably the most well known post punk band in Germany. I really liked them in their early days and don't agree what they became decades later: just another mainstream band playing hooky songs in the tradition of punk adding rockabilly and schlager to their sound. I was there when they played their gig in spring 1979 in a very small venue. The place was called mouse trap in was in the first floor in an old house in central Stuttgart. You have to move a step to get there and the venue was on the left side. The main problem that there was a whorehouse on the right side and the customers had to push themselves past the concert visitors. I remember that the concert was very nice and amusing I we had great fun with the band. We were standing at the bar and a young person showed up to us and asked us if we are able to buy him a beer because he was to young to buy it in person. Of course we spent him a drink, not knowing that it was Campino, the main figure of the Toten Hosen, who became the leading figure of German punk rocker years later.

ZK- Conrad

Donnerstag, 31. März 2022

Another New Scottish Band


This month is almost done and a quarter of the year passed by and I ask myself where the time has gone. Still working since three months and less breaks are in sight. But I won't complain, the way it goes is alright for me. So let me present another new band I found this month. Pictish Trail is the project by Scotsman Johnny Lynch mixing weird synths, grungy guitars and harmonized vocals to a unique sound. For me a album that is worth to listen.

Dienstag, 29. März 2022

Death Proof


During the last weekend I couldn't resist to watch Quentin Tarantino's movie death proof once again. It is the story of mad stuntman Mike (Kurt Russel) who murders young women with modified cars. Like in every movie by Tarantino there is a bloody final but the main thing is always the conversations of the main actors. This conversations start moderate like many others and often drifting into obscurity. In most of his movies the soundtrack is superb. Combining old and well known songs from the past from different genres into a coherent music tape. Most of the first half of the movie was performed in a pub in Austin where the main actors were celebrating a birthday. And I always am astonished how great these songs work in the movie.

T. Rex - Jeepster

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - Hold Tight

Pacific Gas and Electric - Staggolee

And the legendary lap dance to the sound of The Coasters Down In Mexico

Montag, 28. März 2022

Monday's Long Song


The recent days I found a file in the downs of my hard-drive that I've almost forgotten. It is a song by The Prefects, a punk band formed in 1976 in Birmingham by singer Robert Lloyd and brothers Alan and Paul Apperley on guitar and drums. They didn't released a record but got several appearances by John Peel and supported  The Clash and The Buzzcocks and played with The Slits, The Fall and many others. I don't know where I got this file from but it shows very well the spirit and the energy of early punk. It is a tour de force of guitar and drums over nine minutes and shows that punk could be more than two minute songs full of energy. A few years later Lloyd formed The Nightingales where he had more success with.

The Prefects - The Bristol Road Leads To Dachau 

Sonntag, 27. März 2022


For two decades now, Ben Lukas Boysen has been composing neoclassical music under his bourgeois name or alias Hecq and matching soundtracks. Over time, the initially much reduced piano sound grew richer, fuller and fuller. Instead of solo instruments it is now dense sound walls, The first bars of "Love" are very reminiscent of his label colleague Nils Frahm and the roaring in the background, based on strings and hinted vocals, could come completely from his Berlin colleague. In spite of this, something of its own has been created here, which is made even better by the remix of Mogwai. Dignified electronic music for a sunny Sunday morning.

Freitag, 25. März 2022

Rocket Man


There are less artists that accompanied me during the last decades and one of them was Reginald Kenneth Dwight better known as Elton John. Today he can celebrate his 75th birthday and looking back on an astonishing career. From the early days when he worked with Marc Bolan and Pete Townshend over his successful collaboration with Bernie Taupin he was always present in my musical education. And yes, I always had hidden fondness to him, his songs and voice.

Happy Birthday Sir.

Dienstag, 22. März 2022

Isolation Days Are Over


After my isolation days I appeared yesterday the first time in the office. As usual nobody worked to fulfill my duties and I had a lot of emails to answer. This is nothing new to me and I won't complain because I will finish my logs during the next days. Yesterday we also had our works council election. After my first period I stood for a re-election and I was surprised that I was chosen once again. For me it was a great honor to represent the interests of the workforce again. But it is also a responsibility to the ones that voted me. 

Montag, 21. März 2022

Monday's Long Song


In 1970 Hawkwind released their first and self titled album after they got critical acclaim for their live shows. During the years Hawkwind created a totally unique sound between psychedelic, progressive and hard rock and they were one of the first bands that took a trip into space with their music. And not only because they were true to their sound many punk and post-punk band referenced to their name. Mirror Of Illusion shows also that they had a bit of folk influences in their sound.

Hawkwind - Mirror Of Illusion

Samstag, 19. März 2022

Squirrels In Jumpsuits


We all know that Alex Paterson is still open for new collaborations and so it is not astonishing that walks on his new EP on a similar road Paul Simon did decades ago. Roland & Albert Meet The Orb Upcountry in Uganda is the result of a work with Belgian/Uganda musicians trying to connect Uganda rhythms and guitars with his electronic sounds. The result is nothing more or less a positive song spotted with guitar licks to start into a sunny Saturday.

Freitag, 18. März 2022

Sturm und Twang

During my isolation days I found a compilation released in 1995 by Rough Trade. Sturm und Twang (a wordplay with storm and compulsion) was a compilation of German post punk bands mostly from Hamburg that was a great overview about what German bands are able to do almost 30 years ago. Beside Blumfeld another song on this compilation stood the test of time for me. Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (voluntary self contol, an institute giving a recommendation of age-rating for movies and games) or short F.S.K. are a band originally formed in Munich playing a kind of arty new wave with the intention bringing together country and post-punk. Like The Mekons they released many great songs in this genre and they played them with a big smile on their faces. 

 F.S.K. - Unter dem Rhein

They were also a band John Peel liked much. He invited them several times for a session. And he wasn't wrong. So I think it will be right to feature some more songs by them once again.

Donnerstag, 17. März 2022

Live Adventures Of Past Times


When I look at other blogs, from time to time posts appear where the authors remember concerts that are long ago or have only recently taken place. I really enjoy what I can read and be a member of their memories and brings back memories from gigs I was part of. So it is an easy way to start a new little series about bands and concerts I had the pleasure to see.

In 1975 my parents allowed me to go for a concert with an older friend. We went to see Bachman-Turner-Overdrive in a bigger gym where usually local basketball teams used to play. In my younger days I wasn't aware that there was bands playing to support the main act. And this was the first time I saw Thin Lizzy in their original line-up. They impressed me much more than the main act because they had the power BTO never had. I remember that they played Suicide and The Rocker, two songs that would get one of their trademarks years later. These songs built the blueprint of hard rock and metal which got famous genres at my place when I moved myself to punk and new wave. And yes, Phil Lynott had a great physical presence on stage. Not in the way he had years later but I could see that he was the man behind this little great Irish band.

Thin Lizzy - Suicide

Thin Lizzy - The Rocker

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

Mittwoch, 16. März 2022

Drowning In Acid


After one week of struggling with with Covid 19 it was the first day without symptoms. I didn't expected that this virus could keep me away from things I used to and stole my power for thing I used to to do easily. And today is the first day I can step out of my home although I only have to walk to the test center half a mile away. I can't describe the feeling going out again and take a walk.

London's tici taci label who brought us electronic highlights during the last years like Duncan Gray or The Long Champs have released the latest album by Staffordshire's DJ and producer Jack Butters. It is electronic dance floor music with a massive touch of a bluesy/country twang guitar and far better than many other new releases. 

Dienstag, 15. März 2022

The Great Regression


The first thing that came to my mind when I read the reviews of The Great Regression the debut album by Brighton's Ditz please not another hype of a post-punk band. When I listened to this album I have to say: yes, it is another album by a UK post-punk band - but what a fantastic one. Sure, this kind of music was made by The Idles or Foals before but not with a verve like this. This album has the abilities to get one of those guitar dominated albums you will find in several year's end lists. Beautiful white noise has not been heard on a current punk album for a long time, so well lubricated industrial rhythms also not. After all an album that will stand the test of time in this genre.

Montag, 14. März 2022

Monday's Long Song


Kissed Again was first released as the closing track of Higher Love's label first sampler of Balearic inspired music half a year ago. Now Stockholm based DJ and producer Jesse Fahnestock is going to release this song under his alias 10:40. Great piano chords opens the song to join smooth electronic beats and acid house inspired sounds. For me a good way to start into a new week.

Sonntag, 13. März 2022

The Mainline Song


The recent days Jason Pierce released the third song from the upcoming Spiritualized album Everything Was Beautiful. A new Spiritualized album is always welcome at my place and a good opportunity to put on your headphones and drift away into space. And this song fulfills any expectations. As expected the song starts slowly and orchestras sounds join with tender howling guitars to another spaced out hymn.

Samstag, 12. März 2022

Really In The Wrong Town


Another year and another album by The Monochrome Set was released. Allhallowride was released a few days ago and the band is still led by singer/songwriter Bid and Andy Warren on bass. And they continue to play British guitar pop, atmospheric art rock combined with a great taste for melodies that leads to their unique sound. With this song they also added some folk to their sound and the result is nothing more or less another beautiful song by them. Not groundbreaking of course but still over average in pop music.

Freitag, 11. März 2022

Set Your Sights


Since yesterday it was verified that I was infected by Covid 19 and that I have to stay isolated for the next ten days. I was vaccinated three times and I really don't know where I was attached with. Probably on my daily way to work in public transport system or at the office. I am as well as I could be and I really feel not much achiness except being tired all day and an oppressive feeling in my chest. So I think I will get out of these troubles with no aftermath. Thinking positive, one of the good things about isolation will be that I can read the books I wanted read since a long time and finally can clean my inbox from promotion mails. One of those mails I didn't open for a long time was the announcement of Tones Of The Sparrow the new album by California's The Asteroid No. 4. I featured them several times during the last years because they hold up the flag of UK shoegaze scene in the tradition of My Bloody Valentine, Ride and early Verve but with a more psychedelic side of this sound. Still worth to listen.