Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2022

You Want It Darker


With "You Want It Darker," the title track of his 14th and last album of the same name, Leonard Cohen had released an impressive number in autumn 2016 shortly before his death at 82. The dark talking blues, in which the deep voice of Cohen, drawn from life, comes eerily close to the listener, negotiated to soft pulsating bass and sacred backing choirs an approaching end of life - "I'm ready, my Lord" is the climax of the chorus.

The track is thus made for Iggy Pop, whose voice also works excellently for narrative singing in the deeper registers.Pop puts on "You Want It Darker" a little more gloomy and tanned, the soundbed sounds a bit more jazzy, but the endless depth of the spiritual number he receives completely. Iggy's version is found on another tribute album for Leonard Cohen released a few days ago. The rest of this tribute album I didn't listen completely but any tribute album is a reason to go back to the originals - especially by Mr. Cohen.

2 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

An interesting cover from Iggy, but as you say Walter, it ultimately sends you back to the chilling original.

JC hat gesagt…

I saw that this tribute album was to be issued, and have to say I was underwhelmed by who was contributing. The Iggy track is the first I have actually heard, and I'm quite disappointed as I feel he's almost 'dialled-in' his vocal.