Dienstag, 30. April 2019

48 Crash

Bildergebnis für suzi quatro

Peter Perrett announced his new album a few days ago and one song on this record is named 48 Crash. One of his songs on this record is called 48 Crash and me and The Swede thought about if this will be a cover version of Suzi Quatro's song. I don't know if this will be a cover version but I am sure if Peter will do this I will say chapeau to him because it needs a lot of courage to make a cover version of a monument of a glam rock masterpiece.

Montag, 29. April 2019

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für alex harvey musician

Glasgow born singer Alex Harvey was one of the most exciting live performer in the days of glam rock. I think I don't have to spent many words about him and the SAHB than that they were very different in sound and performing in these days. Based on rhythm and blues he created a very own way of heavy music. I found this footage a few weeks ago and it shows everything he was famous for. Intensive, exalted and raw.

Sonntag, 28. April 2019

Once Is Enough

Bildergebnis für peter perrett once is enough

Peter Perrett, former mastermind of The Only Ones, returned 2017 with the fantastic album How The West Was Won featured at this place. It is one of those albums I come back from time to time. A few days ago he announced his upcoming album Humanworld and offered some new songs as an appetizer. As assumed he didn't changed his style. The songs are still based on his reduced guitar sound, melodic and lead by a voice that was trained in clubs and pubs. Not the worst way to start into Sunday.

Yesterday Stuttgart won 1:0 against Mönchengladbach after replacing the former manager with a younger one. The win was lucky enough because the guest team had a few great chances to make goals on their own. But I saw them fighting again and using their players on the wings. So the hope of reaching the relegation play-offs is still alive.

Samstag, 27. April 2019

Big Ben Rock

Bildergebnis für Lee scratch perry

What do you expect when Woodie Taylor, former drummer of The Meteors, makes a remix by a song from Lee Scratch Perry? It is impossible was the first that I thought but it works very well and this song accompanied me during the last week. Perry was transfered into rockabilly with a touch of the sound by Ennio Morricone and glam. A great one to start into the weekend.

Freitag, 26. April 2019

Burn On

Bildergebnis für penelope trappes

Penelope Trappes announced the remix of songs from her second album Penelope Two as Penelope Redux. I have to admit that I only listened to a few songs of her last years album and what I heard didn't grabbed me at this time. Trappes is an Australian born experimental artist somewhere between ambient an gothic. The first release of this album is a remix by Scottish legends Mogwai and the result is nothing less like a session from Mogwai with This Mortal Coin. Great stuff.

Donnerstag, 25. April 2019


Bildergebnis für neil young

After a period listening to electric music and acid house I came back to a record from the mid 70's when it was a time to change the musical preferences. New and great records was released and I jumped on this kind of music. But often I came back to the heroes of my younger days. So I picked out an album that impressed me much when it was released and was very different to the usual sound of this era. I have to admit that I had always a fondness for American west coast music and Canadian guitarist and singer/songwriter Neil Young was one them. He was a member of Buffalo Springfield and made a few great albums under his own name. But there was one album that showed him at the peak of his career. Zuma from 1975 is an album which shows the abilities of him very well. Working on his guitar play that I never heard before and combined with his sad voice made it great. When I come back to this record it feels like I am at home again.

Neil Young - Danger Bird
Neil Young - Cortez The Killer

Mittwoch, 24. April 2019

Voodoo Ray

Bildergebnis für a guy called gerald

Half of my lifetime ago I celebrated a party for getting 30 years old and I invited a lots of friends I knew from Germany that companied me during these days. One of my friends gave me the newest edition of  Now That's What I Call Music. After a few days I was able to listen to this CD and there was one song on this record that was remarkable for me. One of the only songs that are different to all the other great independent songs was A Guy Called  Gerald . It was on heavy rotation in these days and made me investigate to the Manchester sound. Acid house was new and strange to the rock kids in these days but Voodoo Ray introduced a few at my place to another great sound from Britain. Therefore it is necessary to remind them at this little place in the internet. 

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

Dienstag, 23. April 2019

On The Line

Bildergebnis für jenny lewis singer

Strong female voices hat always a huge attraction to me and it started when I listened the first time to Janis Joplin. After her I constantly like to listen to female singer(songwriter until now. To name them all would be too much for this short post. A few days ago I got aware that American actress and musician Jenny Lewis released a new album On The Line and I like her country inspired pop record. The songs are sometimes brittle like Stevie Nicks, playful like Kate Bush and poppy like Susanna Hoffs. Not the album of the year but some to come back from time to time. On her last record cover she was also topless with a jacket. Now she's wearing an evening dress with a deep décolleté and I ask myself what will be the next?

Montag, 22. April 2019

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für acid house smiley

More than 30 years ago a new kind of music swashed from Chicago to our place. Only insider and a few DJ's knew about this sound and I have to admit that I didn't know much about this kind of music until I listened the first time to Chicago's DJ-project Phuture and Acid Tracks. This computer based sound was fresh, melodic and killers on the dancefloor. Less people I knew in these days found access to this music or damned it like they damned punk and new wave years ago. For me house broadened the music I used to listen to and I am grateful for this.

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Sonntag, 21. April 2019

Saw Lightning

Bildergebnis für nobby stiles

Beck is back with a new song from his forthcoming album Hyperspace. It is a collaboration with songwriter and producer Pharell Williams. As always you Beck is good for new combinations in music. This time he uses a slide-guitar and harp to create an intoxicated  hybrid of country and dancefloor-pop. Seems like he didn't lost preference for strange sounds.

The fact that the VfB can't keep up in many aspects with other teams of the Bundesliga was aware to me. Yesterday we had to come too the absolute low to witness as we have lost in Augsburg 6:0 after a catastrophic achievement. Deficits in playing the ball and defence, no will to move and tactical failures made this result suitable. In the evening the headcoach was fired and replaced by the coach of the youth team. I am tired of the weekly disappointments and I ask myself if it the way back to second league. If I think about players who have the will to win and fight for it during the whole game I remeber Englands/Manchesters legend Nobby Stiles, the toothless defender, without him England couldn't have won the cup in 1966

Samstag, 20. April 2019

Understand What Dub Is

Bildergebnis für the last poets

Last year The Last Poets celebrated their 50 year anniversary with a new record with Understand What Black Is. The Last Poets was a collective of musicians and poets formed at the end of the 60's to a black band in the days of civil right movement and afro American values. Their political raps and straight rhythms were rarely heard in Europe but Last Poets had massive influence into Hip Hop. Bristol's Prince Fatty was involved in the works at the album and reworked eight tracks of the album. It is as the title says a dub album with everything you might expect on it. Fresh an political relevant come the songs to our ear. Looking over the Atlantic ocean and the government it seems like The Last Poets march still is not finished.

Donnerstag, 18. April 2019

Inner Circle

Bildergebnis für rozi plain

During the last weeks so much work has resulted in the office that it was not possible almost less than nine hours for the job to be done. The company wants to substitute for old structures with new ones and possibly immediately and often without taking into consideration the employees. Unfortunately, I am strongly integrated into the processes of the conversion and to undertake often after end of work too tired for more activities than to sit on my sofa, relaxing and listening to music. The recent days I listen often to Rozi Plain's new album What A Boost. I really like her smooth voice and the jazzy arrangements on this record. It is a sound you relax but also find new things in songs the more you listen to. It is a record that grows the more you play it and I am sure I will come back to it more times this year. Tomorrow is good Friday and I am off work for a the next week and sure that my battery will be recharged after this week.