Sonntag, 28. April 2019

Once Is Enough

Bildergebnis für peter perrett once is enough

Peter Perrett, former mastermind of The Only Ones, returned 2017 with the fantastic album How The West Was Won featured at this place. It is one of those albums I come back from time to time. A few days ago he announced his upcoming album Humanworld and offered some new songs as an appetizer. As assumed he didn't changed his style. The songs are still based on his reduced guitar sound, melodic and lead by a voice that was trained in clubs and pubs. Not the worst way to start into Sunday.

Yesterday Stuttgart won 1:0 against Mönchengladbach after replacing the former manager with a younger one. The win was lucky enough because the guest team had a few great chances to make goals on their own. But I saw them fighting again and using their players on the wings. So the hope of reaching the relegation play-offs is still alive.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Pre-ordered a while back - can't wait. Did you notice a song called '48 Crash' is in the track-listing? I wonder if it's a Suzi Quatro cover?