Freitag, 5. April 2019

It Was 40 Years Ago ...

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... when Billy Borsay appeared on the scene as Mink DeVille. Knows as one the regular bands played at CBDB's in the late 70's. When I first heard from them they was named as another punk band that tried  to get into the business. But their first album Cabretta was one of those I really loved in these times. Not only because their sound was new or very special - it was because they grabbed a lot of influences from the past and made a unique sound that was typical for them. Cabretta was unique because they had cool crooning ballads and bass driven rock songs as well. This was one of these sounds that that made me doesn't be afraid of the upcoming new wave, punk and electronic sounds that will appear in the 80's. Therefore it is good to remember them at this place. I have to agree that since then I  was a huge fan of Willy and I am glad to see him at one of his last shows. He was drawn by his illness and came accordingly on the stage. But what he has presented in atmosphere and playing with joy was world class.

Mink De Ville - Venus On Avenue D
Mink De Ville - Cadillac Walk

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