Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

Inflammable Material - First Records That Impressed Me Much # 4

In the early 70s I have worked in my school holidays in a factory to have at disposal a little money. It was a heavy job, because I had to work with a colleague on a press to produce India rubber products which the society has made as automotive supplier for the automobile industry. We have stood every day at 6 o'clock in the morning to the pressing and have worked a high chord. After half an hour were completely sweaty and have lost a lot of body liquid. But I got a very good money and most of it I spent driving through Europe by trail. But I also spent a bit of this money on buying records. One of them I bought at this time was the first record by Joe Cocker. Since the first time I listened to his songs I got shiver on my skin. There was an a working man from Sheffield who sung after work in a band. His voice was very rough and you could her in it the pints and the whiskey he drunk. But  it wasn't only his voice - he sung the soul out of himself. Sometimes you could hear him being happy about his love - but most of the times he sung about a love that wasted. I could feel the emotions that he shouted out in his songs. And everyone understood what distress he went through.

I remember the time very well when the boyfriend of my best mate's sister introduced me to the music of Joe Cocker. I were in this time as young boy into glam rock like T.Rex, Slade, The Sweet, Mud and all this stuff. Then I listened to this guy who grabbed out maybe the best songs of this decade to interpret in the way he was able to. Joe Cocker was the one who thought me listen to originals of real black music like Ray Charles and the other singers which got soul in their voices. This album might be his masterpiece (if we let go in front once the records outside which he has taken up in the time when it was a wreck in Jamaica). And with a little help from his friends meant that some of the best musicians at this time played on his first record: Jimmy Page, Albert Lee, Chris Stainton, Steve Winwood and on vocal Madeline Bell. I love this record because he had a superb choice of songs that fits to him and his way to sing them.

If you want you can get more of his career on Wiki. I don't agree in most of the songs he did the last 20 years. Some of them are superb, others don't need to be named. But for me he was an artist that lead me into another kind of musical genres. I wouldn't say that he was the one that guided me into soul but he was one of the few that grabbed MY soul while listening to his songs (the other one was Rod Steward - but this will be another story told throughout this series). Someone might name my choice as BOF-music but I stick to Mr. Cocker. He had more downs than ups in his career and I'm glad that he can earn the success to him is entitled. I get sentimental right now while I listen to his songs - so let's finish for today and maybe you can enjoy some of the song I present to you right now. It's one of the few record that accompanied me for long decades and I will never get tired to listening to. What I also love with Joe Cocker, he is which essential questions he throws in the round. For example the simple question: Do I still figure in your live  If I still mean to you something in your life.

So let's raise our glasses to one of the best white singers throughout the last 40 years (knowing that he's got rid of this drug).

Stand the rest of the working week mates - Weekend is soon ahead.

Joe Cocker - Bird On A Wire
Joe Cocker - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Joe Cocker - I Shall Be Released
Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends
Joe Cocker - Bye Bye Blackbird

And that's what my beloved comedian John Belushi did when he covered Joe Cocker:

RIP Jon Fat Beast

Just got the news that Jon Fat Beast died. Here are some warm words from Louder than war. I've got nothing more to say:

We are sad to hear that Jon Fat beast- the compere and rotund lunatic who was part of the Carter USM stage show has died.
Jon Fat Beast was a central figure in the baggy shorts and T shirts with band’s names on in big bold bright colours part of the indie scene of the late eighties and also promoted gigs in London at the Bull and Gate and other venues and kick started the career of many bands.
We knew him well and would bump into him in many dive club where he would have a certain presence looming large behind big Buggles glasses and rudely bright training shoes. He had a personality as big as his figure and was always up to something.
At Carter gigs he was showered with loveable insults when he went on stage- ‘You fat bastard’ the audience would chant and he loved every moment of it, so it seems fair to say ‘farewell you fat bastard and it was good to have known you…’

And this is just for him:

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Telephone Calls # 1

I think it's time to start a new little series. If I think exactly about it, there are many songs in their telephone calls are led or in those the phone plays an important role. Whether it is a matter now of confessing the love on the phone or whether the phone appears only as small accessories in the song - it is a matter maybe only of appreciating the medium without which there would not be this protestation at all (we exclude once the written letter from it). So be surprised what songs will appear in this series.

Let's start with maybe one of the best heartbreaking phone calls ever. There's a guy trying to call his former girlfriend before she Leaves with her new boyfriend to marry far away. Almost every time I hear Ray Sawyer still begging Sylvia's mother to pass the phone a last time to her I get goose skin because I never heard someone begging the way he did. Years later I recognized that this was an autobiographical song by Shel Silverstein another artist I should feature in the near future.

So enjoy this series as much as you can.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show - Sylvia's Mother

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 35

Another artist that signed to Sun Records after Elvis has left. He wasn't the artist Sam Phillips would give many promotion (maybe because he was too old to believe in commercial success). Therefore he got not one song in the charts. His music was grabbed out by some folks that listened to the back catalog of Sun Records in the late 90s. His music was just in the way a lot of other artists did in these times and I think I should feature him on this series.

Malcolm Yelvington - Rocking With My Baby

Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Swamp Fever

A new week - a new work ahead. I don't want to think much about it but I know at the latest on Tuesday the reality will catch up me again and I am led by meeting to meeting. So let's start this working week with a trance track I was introduced by one of you (I think it was Drew, so excuse for reposting a great song). I don't know anything about the band but it's ten minutes of pure joy listening to this remix. Give yourself a chance and listen to it. I'm sure it will lead you to an easy step into this week.

Have a good week people.

Delta Lady - Swamp Fever (Delta Baptism Mix)

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

´From The In-Box

A lot of new music received throughout the last weeks and now I found the time and muse to listen. And as ever I was surprised what great music is made especially over at the Atlantic ocean. So I would like to give you a survey about the most juicy music that arrived.

Let's start with a genre that's to George an CC. They posted some great country tunes in the last month. Here's an artist George featured last Tuesday as he was asked to review it. Deena got her first steps in the Hoboken music scene in the late 80s and is still in collaboration with other bands. If I had to type her music I would say it's country based music with a big touch of pop music. The songs were dominated by Deena Shoshkes clear and brilliant voice. The best parts are when they exalt the tempos. Anyway - like George said: It's worth listening to.

Another genre that apparently not is to be got deadly is Alternative rock. Many bands still trying to keep the spirit of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam alive. Many of them fail but sometimes there are bands who do the same thing in their very own way much better than the rest. One of them are Active Radio another Austin based band. It's good to hear this kinda music again - especially when it's played with so much empathic and verve. The guitars are well as well and the whole sound reminds me on the days the named bands were on their highest level.

Active Radio - The Fear
Active Radio - Underrated

When Active Radio learned a lot of Alternative rock than The Mourning Sickness got some different influences. The describe themselves as a progressiv-punk band. The more I listen to their music I can hear lot of prog-rock but Frank Zappa, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and sometimes Ian Dury. Their songs are filled with unpredictable melodies, odd rhythmic figures and changing of the rhythm in a song. And they put a lot of ideas into their songs. For example in 'Beelzebufo' when suddenly a twangy guitar appears, playing a solo and finish this with a typical prog-rock guitar. Awesome.

The Mourning Sickness - Snow Wimps
The Mourning Sickness - Beelzebufo

And finally for today G. Owen Evans an London based artist originally from Wales. I liked his voice that fits very good to the ballads he is playing. He did some very good songs that fits good to the end of the day. It appears once again that every good song is suited for a remix.

G. Owen Evans - Sunshine Every Day (Reegl Remix)
G. Owen Evans - Quietly On Fire

Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 20

All things must come to an end - and this little series as well. I featured throughout the last weeks bands that are typical for me to represent pub rock at it's best times or which pub rock had a lot of influence to their kind of music. What will be the best finish of this series? Another band to feature (maybe someone will think this is the best one)? Or should I finish with some last good words to a scene/genre that was almost famous nearly 40 years ago? Should I feature some songs that was close to his genre or songs that often was covered by the bands I featured?

Finally I decided to feature a band that is very close to me. I follow The Mekons since almost 30 years. From their first single Where Were You until their latest records. It is a band that made a lot of great recordings - but at least they are a live band. They played maybe hundreds of gigs all over the world and I am glad that I saw a lot of concerts they played at my place for almost 30 year. A few years ago I had the honor to have a conversation with Jon Langford and the band after their gig and to sit at the bar with Sally Timms for a drink.

I think it's a good compromise to finish this series with a band that had it's roots in the pub rock scene but was always far ahead to the mainstream. If you've read my words about The Mekons you'll see that I am a huge fan of this band. And it's true - they made me feel easy when I watched them playing. There's one more reason why they should have their place in musical history: They used to play classic R 'n' R with a lot of influence of modern country music and added the best things from the upcoming 'new' music (you can call it punk, new wave or whatever). And they were always a band they have her heart in the right spot.

Enjoy and remember: the working week is almost over!

The Mekons - Beaten And Broken
The Mekons - Big Zombie
The Mekons - Cockermouth
The Mekons - Hole In The Ground
The Mekons -  Tempted To Believe

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014


Hi, I'm back. Had some beautiful days in Cologne with my kids. We had some good talking and some constructive discussions about we done wrong throughout the last years. Sometimes it was hard to stand for all but now we found a solution to built up something new. It was a torture for me but an exemption as well. Now let's watch what the future will bring. Today Christiane will move back to Sri Lanka again. We fixed the details of our divorce and were both happy about this. We had yesterday another peaceful and happy evening and I ask myself why we couldn't had this the last years. Anyway - it's everything right we do it the way we do. The song I choose today is really nothing special but I think it is a song a lot of folks like to listen to and don't confess to this. I was always a fan to The Housemartins since they released their first record. They did a very good songs that were dominated by the voice of Paul Heaton. This is not typical for them but I love this song for so many years. And as Paul Heaton said on the back of the sleeve of his first record: Take Jesus - Take Marx - Take Hope.

Have a good rest oft the week friends

The Beautiful South - Rotterdam

Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Inflammable Material - First Records That Impressed Me Much # 3

I'm off for a few days to visit my children in Cologne. So there will be no regular posting the next days. I hope to show up on this blog again in the middle of next week. It's necessary for me to get more contact to my kids than the last years. So don't be too much disappointed that I take a little break.

So let's get back to this little series.
In 1980 were most of us were used to listen to new music and new sounds in America a band released their first record with an incredible mixture of genres. They combined classic rockabilly with a very punky attitude. Their songs acting from the sombre sides of the life in their place enough was to be dressed for a raw sound and the manner in varnish and leather, For ever in my life a had a hidden charm for country music, especially for rockabilly songs (the first song I would like to add to this gente was CCR's Bad Moon Rising). I remember very well when I showed up to my local record store looking for something new. Then Mike (the owner of this store) told me about something real new and raw. I said 'OK - let me listen to this'. Then he put the record on his turntable and I listened to the first song. It was TV-Set and it almost blew out my mind. Never heard such a trashy sound before. There was no more discussion about - I bought this record. Impressed by an low-fi sound that was reduced to the minimum I felt great, because this was true and upright music to me. I remember that their music tuned me up to search for more music that was in this style. And I seldom was disappointed what I found. Since then I was a huge fan of this band. I've never heard to a band in this genre like they did. From the early 80s I wanted to see them live and finally it happened in the middle 90s that I could see them live. I've seldom seen a band with that physical presence like them. Lux Interior was one of the few singers who was able to perform the songs in a very special way. With lots of emotions and and an almost self-destructing attitude. Poison Ivy Rorscharch (does she stand in connection with the test of the same name?) dressed in leather as well and performing her guitar with very high heels. I loved them playing with the S/M-themes.  I still love their roughness and their mean attitude they shown up for years. This album and the following albums as well accompanied the last decades. And I never get tired or bored listening to it. It's not everyone's sound I know - but if you don't stick to The Cramps,you might missed something great.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend

The Cramps - Fever
The Cramps - Garbage Man
The Cramps - I Was A Teenage Werevolfe
The Cramps - Strychnine
The Cramps - Sunglasses After Darl

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 19

Our today's artist is not necessarily to be assigned to this genre. But to present his skill without live background and it's experience it would be difficult having success. Eric Goulden or better known as Wreckless Eric was one of the first artist signed to the legendary STIFF label. He wrote with Whole Wide World maybe one of the best love song ever. His first record is full of little pop gems but none got the grade of Whole Wide World. After several years of living with his wife Amy Rigby in France they now living and performing in the US. I maybe listened to his song hundreds of times and never get bored. People may say he's a one-hit wonder and this might be true but he's an artist that I combine with one of the best eras in music.

Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Whole Wide World (live)
Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby - Do You Remember That

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014


There are less musicians I follow more or less since I have listened the first time to somewhat of them. One of those is Brian Eno. I know him from the early days when he formed Roxy Music - a band their type is to be assigned stylistically to the art-rock genre and was a heavy influence to the later New Romantic Scene. With his first solo recordings he left the classic rock genre to go experimental ways. I think his fist two records were underrated to most listeners but had influence to later experimental bands that play still. Ok - don't let's talk about the past. Brian Eno released a few month ago another album in collaboration with Karl Hyde. When you remember with which different kind of musicians he worked together it is no surprise that now came together with Underworld's Karl Hynde. They tried to combine both musical worlds with the African sound of bands like Fela Kuti. And the result is very worth listening to. Just listen to Witness that starts with a bumping bassline and leads us over a little piano to a smooth synth melody.

Brian Eno & Karl Hyde - Witness
Brian Eno & Karl Hyde - Who Rings The Bell

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 34

A longer time passed since I posted real rockabilly in this series. So I thought the time is right to introduce The Reverend Horton Heat a band based in Dallas, Texas. Jim Heath formed this band in 1985 and they are still on work today. He played a real good Gretch-guitar and was influenced by the sound of Dick Dale and The Cramps. Some of their songs could be described as psychobilly. I've seen them in the early 90s and was astonished about their presence. They played their songs very loud with a high energy. One of the true bearers of rockabilly tradition. The second song today is a cover from an also underrated band Guadalcanal Diary.

The Reverend Horton Heat - Big Red Rocket Of Love
The Reverend Horton Heat - Watusi Rodeo

Montag, 14. Juli 2014


As normally the big English music magazines make around every new group which contrasts from the mass an unbelievable hype and praise this as the next quite big thing. Most of them are gone before their success started. But sometimes the press has a very good feeling for quiet good bands. And Jungle could be one of these bands I will remember with a smiling heart in the future. It seems like the today kids remember the sound of the 70s/80s when a lot of bands used to play urban soul music that fitted quiet good on the dancefloor. J and T are the protagonists of this debut from England and they give a quite fine electronic sound work from many many different ingredients from the music world of the last 40 years to us here. No matter whether disco, Chill Out, pop, soul or electronic music of all kind, Jungle mix it to a miraculous sound mix which goes immediately to the ear and moves the listener into another world. This sounds sometimes after Chic, sometimes after Bee Gees, sometimes to Pet Shop Boy, sometimes after topical electronic music. For me it's a record I will play a few times this summer.

You can read the full review by Mark Beaumont here.

After the DMCA have arranged that songs I posted by the Secret Sisters offend against existing copyright, I had to extinguish this and I fear that it will also go for me with Jungle. Therefor today only videos. However, does this authority have no notion that everybody to itself on the Internet a converter can download?

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

RIP Charlie Haden

It seems like I have to write every day a little tribute to musicians who died. First Tommy Ramone died and now I got the news that Charlie Haden one of the most skilful and adventorous bass players in jazz history died on Thursday night at the age of 77. He played the traditional double bass and had a long time collaboration with Ornette Coleman and pianist Keith Jarret. I liked the way he played and whenever he has plucked the strings of his bass I have felt a pleasant feeling of the relaxation. In his later years he worked with Pat Metheny on Beyound The Missouri Sky and Elvis Costello. 

RIP Charlie

From The Inbox

Last week died with Bobby Womack another great Soul musician. During the week I listened to many of his old albums again and I realized what we've lost. Anyway, there a lot of young people out there who try to keep the spirit of this kind of music ahead. I don't expect them to do it the same way their idols did - no I want to  know if they can transport the meaning of Soul music into nowadays way of playing music. Soul meant to me song about love, love gone by and not to forget erotic and sex. There is a duo based in NYC who try this as well. And I have to admit that they did a very good job. I was impressed by the voice of the singer and I would wish that he will get the real song that fits to his voice. I can recommend The Lemons to those which appreciate a good song and a good voice. And here are some words from the band:

A duo consisting of vocalist Roger Smith and multi-instrumentalist Thor Madsen, the New York-based Lemon generates body heat from their funky, sweltering grooves. The propulsive “Ain’t Coming Back” recalls Peter Gabriel in his mid-‘80s prime as Smith’s deeply emotional and urgent vocals fuel Madsen’s grinding keyboards while “One Night Stand” is reminiscent of Prince’s midnight eroticism.

Eschewing the discordant noise and basement production of ‘90s alternative rock, Lemon champion melody and clear, straightforward songwriting, utilizing modern technology to create evocative atmospherics with old-school pop hooks. If Motown had begun releasing albums in the 21st century, then Lemon would’ve been among their prime artists.

“The warmth of Smith's singing is complemented beautifully by Madsen's dreamy keyboard textures,” raved renowned U.K. Adam Harrington.

Take a taste of Lemon now.

Lemon - Not Even Close
Lemon - We Got Love

Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

That's What We Watched On TV Years Ago # 6

This week George has drawn the attention of me to a series which I have edged out for a long time which is worth it, however, here to be mentioned. Alias Smith and Jones was a western series that was really different from all the others at this time. When they regular show the farm life they tried to make something new with this series. The main actors didn't stay at one place separately they moved from town to town followed by headhunters to stand their year as good guys. Sometimes I felt this series was like the poor mans version of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. But this judgment would not do justice to this superior series. Both principal characters have contributed with her likeable and loose kind to the fact that I have seen the series nearly regular.

And this what the story's about: Hannibal Heyes (Pete Duel) and kid curry (Ben Murphy) are two quite good bad people in the wild west. They rob banks and trains and make a nice life to themselves with the money. When, nevertheless, the sheriffs become surer and surer more and more smartly, the safes and to them during a raid a nice old lady from Boston a sheet of information about an amnesty for small criminals in the hand presses, they decide to change her life and to leave from now on the right ones. However, before they receive the pardon from the governor, they must prove during 1 year that they have really left the skew road and live honestly. From now on they try to escape as Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones from the reward hunters and to prevent that to them other bandits push her raids in the shoes.

Main actor Pete Duel died on suicide at the age of 31 with a gunshot after suffering on depression and heavy drinking.

You can watch episode 1 here:

And one forgotten song from 1971 - the year the series started:

Slade - Coz I Love You

Have a good weekend people.

Tommy Ramone 1952 - 2014

Just I have received that another member of The Ramones died. I don't have to tell what this band meant for the change in music in the 1970s. The way they shortened their songs into classical two minute format added with speed and told us to play the songs loud again. Tommy Ramone had Hungarian roots and his given name was Tamás Eldérly and worked after his career as a producer. He has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer and was in a hospice receiving treatment when he died yesterday. I think it'ts time for me to listen  to their songs again.

RIP Tommy. Gabba gabba hey

The Ramones - Chinese Rock
The Ramones - Rockaway Beach

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 31

We Germans are not associated musically as a rule with reggae. However, there are them - these musicians who have the feeling and the grooving for this music. One of the few who got the feeling for reggae was once Jan Delay in his former times and second Gentleman. In 1997 a collective was formed in Stuttgart that wanted to play reggae with a political background (equal rights for everyone, freedom and so on). Tilman Otto aka Gentleman was in the early part a member of this scene. He traveled from his youngest days until now to Jamaica to get a feeling for this kinda music. Inspired by traditional roots reggae he made a lot of songs that are worth listening to. He is one of the less German musician who still plays his own kind of music he was inspired (I mean the sound of Jamaica as most of us may know). He is also one of the few artist that are respected and successful in the native country of reggae.

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 18

Seems like this little series will come to an end soon. This is post # 18 and I think I'll have two more artists I would like to feature. So let's start for the last rounds (as well the football world champion ship will come to an end). This one comes from a band that was formed in 1970 by Ian Dury and released only two records. It was a band that was far ahead of the times while most people listened to pub rock and other BOF-music. The brand name of the group was with certainty the voice and the texts of Ian Dury. Their first record has fascinated me from the outset. Mostly carried songs with mad or at least not for usual Germans to understandable lyrics. Mostly carried from a magnificent melody Ian has spoken his texts more or less. Then from time to time a saxophone was to be heard in the background what has still improved most songs. He was punk before punk was even born. He got his credits latest when he released his first record with The Blockheads. A monument of the New Wave era. It is still fun to listen to this record time by time.

Enjoy - and have let the last working days pass you very easily.
Cheers my friends.

Kilburn and The High Roads - Roadette Song
Kilburn and The High Roads - The Mumble Rumble and the Cocktail Rock
Kilburn and The High Roads - Crippled With Nerves
Kilburn and The High Roads - Rough Kids
Kilburn and The High Roads - Pam's Moods

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 33

Today's twanging track is from another musician who celebrated his 70th birthday a few weeks ago. Boz Scaggs is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist playing for a long time in the band of his class mate Steve Miller. In 1976 he released his most successful solo record Silk Degrees. It's still a great record after all this year with a couple of great songs on it. One of my favorite is It's over - not only for the lyrics. A few members of his backing band on this record moved after finishing the records to this album to form Toto. As far as I know Steve Porcaro plays guitar on Lido Shuffle. And by the way: the cover of this record is superb.

Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Alfredo Di Stefano RIP

While the FIFA World Championship is still running and the semi-finals are ahead we got the news that Alfredo Di Stefano died today. He died on a heart attack he had a few days ago. I didn't seen him play ever but the old folks told me that he was maybe the bestforward player in his time. Di Stefano was an Argentina based midfield player who had the best times during playing for Real Madrid in the 50s. These were the glory days when Real Madrid ruled the international football in Europe. My father told me several times that he's never seen any other forward player like him. He told me as well of his football highlights ever when he went to Glasgow in 1960 to watch the final of the European Championship between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt. It was not the German game at this day because they were beaten by seven goals (3 from Di Stefano and 4 by Puskás) against three. It was the only time my dad took a trip to support a German team in a foreign country. I heard these stories for many times and it makes me smile to remember this once again.

So stay well in football heaven Alfredo

Gotan Project - La Del Ruso

The Pocket Knife

A few weeks ago I had my regular visit with the dentist. When I have sat in the waiting room and have waited to me in the row am I have paged through from boredom a women's service magazine. Not that these themes are interesting me much sometimes I take a spot on the reviews of books and records in it. I've been reading an article about the new record by The Secret Sisters. In this euphoric article they told the readers that it's the best new country record since long time. The only thing I knew about The Secret Sisters that they recorded a traditional country album. When I have read that T-Burne Burnett has produced the album I have dealt closer with it and must say that it has become a very good and contemporary album for this genre. The songs are dominated by the clear voices of the sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Sometimes it remembers me on Adele going the country-style sometimes I think it's the country version of Warpaint. Mostly I was impressed on their version of PJ Harvey's 'The Pocket Knife'.

Have a nice week - where ever you, whatever you do.

The Secret Sisters - Rattle My Bones
The Secret Sisters - The Pocket Knife

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

From The Inbox

Sometimes I am already surprised which music of young bands is made. Many of these bands were inspired by the heroes of the past and try to let live on their music. Not that I am misunderstood: I doubt in no manner the skill of the single musicians and their abilities to write songs in their tradition. What I miss nevertheless is, often that I do not enough influence from the younger history of music in their sound finds again. Anyway, there are some artist I would like to feature time by time because they did a very good job. Today's band Olio reminds me on the early Police but with less punk and reggae influence and therefore some more heavy metal in it. Here is the band in their own words:

Three brothers from other mothers (and fathers) got together, from the OC, LA and DC, to create a miscellaneous collection of musical works aka OLIO. Inspired by everything from Black Sabbath to Barry White these guys stir up an eclectic blend of rock/pop/funk music and serve it up hot! Whether it’s songs about break-ups, make-outs, shake-ups or four letter words, Olio produces electrifying, positive music from their studio in Los Angeles, CA. On stage Arif Hodzic sings and breaks strings (sometimes his right hand gets heavy), DeHaven Carrington grooves on drums and croons (when the lights are low and the mood is right), and newest member Kelley Hill is a fireball of energy, bouncing on one leg and just tearing the bass up (you may even see metal shavings come off the neck).

Olio hit the road in the USA the summer of 2013 for their “Comeback Kings Tour.” Played a successful string of dates in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and cities in between in June and Scottsdale, Austin, Fort Worth, Little Rock, Columbus, Philadelphia, NYC, DC, Kill Devil Hills and Atlanta in July and August. 5 weeks, 11,000 miles and 30 shows! They went back into the studio to record a brand new album "Untitled" due for release in March 2014. This is a much anticipated project, after their time with recording legend Eddie Kramer, who produced the band's last two EP's, the aforementioned Comeback Kings & the yet to be released France Sessions.

Back on December 18, 2012 Olio released the Comeback Kings EP produced by legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Santana, Woodstock, Kiss, Frampton, Robert Randolph, Grace Potter). This session was born from a project at Loyola Marymount University where Eddie and the band recorded their first single together "Hello/Goodbye". This prompted a new relationship so the band & Eddie could finish an EP. Before the project was done, Eddie needed a band to do a session in France for a Recording Workshop for some of the worlds top young Producers.

So Olio got on a plane and while there, they laid down the foundation tracks for the France Sessions EP. More importantly they wrote two new songs while there. One of which is "Rich People Problems" which Eddie loved and had the band record it immediately! old school style, no click track, just push record and go! The song is now a staple in the live shows and shows the raw energy of the band as well as their groovesmanship. the second song "Round & Round" can be heard on their 2014 release "Untitled."

2011 is what kind of started all of this good fortune. Olio won the Emerging Artist Competition held by Rusty’s on the Santa Monica Pier. They were the only band to play the Twilight Dance Series twice in one summer, opening for Dawes with Jackson Browne in front of a crowd of several thousand music lovers. Shortly there after bassist Kelley Hill joined the band and they have been non-stop ever since.

Other accolades include the celebrated release of their 2010 single “Get It Good” following the success of the 2009 11 song album “Living The Dream.” The songs are dynamic ranging from the nylon stringed sweetness of “Completely Beautiful” about the profound impact of becoming a parent (received an Honorable Mention Award in the 2008 West Coast Songwriters International Competition) to a hard rock/rap collab that already has 20,000 NJ Devils fans shouting “Here We Go” at the Prudential Center. Their homage to the mamacita de futbol aka “Soccer Mom” inspired one impassioned UK critic to call them “sexist and subtle as a sledghammer.” (Olio still thinks Benny Hill, John Cleese and Ricky Gervais are funny) The sound created is rich and packs a punch reminiscent of the John Mayer Trio while thematically aiming for Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life.”

To experience Olio only on recording is like Vader without the Darth. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours, the energy generated by these three could power a small town (or even the lesser known planet Zeta-Reticulan5). So, maybe the question isn’t Who or What is Olio but rather When and Where?

OLIO - Boom
OLIO - Get A Room

Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

That's What I Watched On TV Years Ago # 5

In the end of the 80s private television broadcasting stations were fed in Germany into the cable nets. I never was a friend of these canals, because to me the commercial interruptions have interfered and I was accustomed a broadcasting without looking at interruption and therefore I has preferred to look at broadcastings on canals to me which had no advertising interruptions. But because there is an exception, thus for every rule. And here it is: Fox network created a character that is unforgettable until now. Al Bundy who represents as a father of a family and shoe shop assistant the easy American middle class. He was the main actor in the sitcom Married ... With Children (horrible translated into German language as A terribly nice family). It is a rather sloppy character and constantly crusty. Besides he will not have accompanied tiredly to regret the idioms in his life which the marriage the football plays on the college kept him since the end of the High-School, as him.

The series follows the everyday life of the Bundys. Al Bundy is a former Highschool football player who lives his life long to have achieved Polk High School in one single play four touchdowns on which, and is made since his marriage earn his maintenance as a ladies' shoe shop assistant; his always unwilling to work Mrs. Peggy is known for her highly back-combed red hair, kitschy / trashy clothes and her strong aversion compared with own household; finally, the common children Kelly – her as attractive like always dense daughter – and Bud who did not like very much, but the absolutely intelligent latest shoot of the family. He had the chance to study with a sports scholarship in a college – until he got to know Peggy Wanker whom he impregnated (which burst several times used condom) and married. As a result he felt constrained to make his holiday's job as a ladies' shoe shop assistant in „Gary's Shoes and accessories“ the main occupation. So Al never looks at "Peg" (which he wishes regularly the death or other incommodities to the neck) as well as his both children Kelly and Bud as the biggest evil of his life, a view, which he to the specially published life wisdom „Marries!“ to reason lays („I believe myself like a navigation society whose tanker has released an environmental disaster: An unintentional outpouring and I pays till the end of my days.“

The series portraits the regular American way of life and especially the sadness about missed chances in life. What I have always admired in this series, the humor with those was an American network on the everyday life has looked, inimitable characters has created in those many have found themself again.

And as a bonus - a forgotten song from 1987:

Guesch Patti - Etienne

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Inflammable Material - First Records That Impressed Me Much # 2

Back in 1978 a lot of band appeared with new sounds. It was the time when everything new was accepted and we were hungry for it. We heard a lot of punk and new wave these days. It was these days when everything was possible for everyone who tried to start as a band - the so called Do it yourself.  A lot of bands tried to cover their idols but less were capable of doing it quite as well. Edinburgh's The Rezillos, however,were one of those bands that brought us back the fun in music. Some may say that they just tried to be the British Ramones plundering Rock and Roll history. But not for me. When I bought this record is was in heavy rotation. I liked the hyperactive tempo in their songs, their raging guitar and their pop melodies. They were maybe the first of the new bands that showed us how old songs could be played in a new and exciting way. The Rezillos were able to put their own spin on the template. They were a bit poppier and willing to get a few notches sillier than the others. But the key to this record is that they kept it simple. I still love this record with some of the greatest (cover) versions ever done until this time. I think albums like this can only be made when you get the right kind of lunatics together at just the right time, with just the right support - it's inevitably a one off. If you got this record - get it out, play it, sing along with it and enjoy again.

The Rezillos - Destination Venus (not on this record but worth to be show it up here)
The Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack
The Rezillos - Glad All Over
The Rezillos - I Like It

Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 17

There are some bands from the pub rock era that had their few years of popularity to vanish as soon as they came. One of them were Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers. They reached the peak of their fame while touring with Dr. Feelgood and Kokomo (another forgotten band from this era) in 1975. The band split and some members were found later in the bands from Elvis Costello and Graham Parker. Their main influence was original Country rock music added with ingredients of classic British rhythm and blues.

Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers -  Desert Island Woman
Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers -  Midnight Bus
Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers -  Jungle Song

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Songs The Lord Told Us # 8

I think that I don't have to say much about Billy Bragg at these place. Most of you will know (and maybe love) him and the music he made throughout the years. There many songs I like to listen almost every time when they shuffle up on my mobile phone. To pick out one is difficult but in my opinion Northern Industrial Town shows exactly his abilities in songwriting. It is very seldom that an artist is able to describe the working people and how they life. This song is in the tradition of Ray Davis and The Kinks who described the working people way back in England in the 60s.


It's just a northern industrial town
The front doors of the houses open into the street
There's no room for front gardens, just a two-up two-down
In a northern industrial town

And you can see the green hills 'cross the rooftops
And a fresher wind blows past the end of our block
In the evenings the mist come rolling on down
Into a northern industrial town

And there's only two teams in this town
And you must follow one or the other
Let us win, let them lose, not the other way 'round
In a northern industrial town

And the street lights look pretty and bright
From the tops of the hills that rise dark in the night
If it weren't for the rain you might never come down
To your northern industrial town

And on payday they tear the place down
With a pint in your hand and a bash 'em out band
Sure they'd dance to the rhythm of the rain falling down
In a northern industrial town

And there's plenty of artists around
Painters steal cars, poets nick guitars
'Cause we're out of the black and we're into the red
So give us this day our daily bread
In a northern industrial town

But it's not Leeds or Manchester
Liverpool, Sheffield nor Glasgow
It's not Newcastle-on-Tyne, it's Belfast
It's just a northern industrial town

Merry Christmas, war is over
In a northern industrial town

Billy Bragg - Northern Industrial Town

Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 32

Hasil Adkins was one of a kind Rockabilly lunatic whose life and music were bizarre enough that if they had been a work of fiction - no one with any sense would have ever believed it. Just a one-man band who bashed out the most ultra-crude tunes about sex, chicken and decapitation. Another weired one who lived close to R'n'R. Many bands who are accompanied to Rockabilly were inspired by him - especially The Cramps.

Hasil Adkins - She Said
Hasil Adkins - The Hunch