Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2023

Sinéad O'Connor RIP


A few hours ago the sad news arrived that Sinéad O'Conner died at the age of 56. The reason why she died was not announced but it doesn't matter because another great voice is gone now. Everyone knew her if only one remember her cover of a song by Prince. But she had more to offer than a great version of this song. During her career she slipped from genre to genre and I don't know any song sung by her that wasn't worth to give a listen. Her beautiful and fragile voice is always a pleasure to listen to. That she had a painful life after being abused in her childhood and this trauma you can hear in every song she sung. 

Rest easy Sinéad

Montag, 24. Juli 2023

Monday's Long Song

 From time to time it happens that I return to Van Morrison, probably one of the best voices that came from Ireland in the roaring 60's. Starting his career as the main figure by Them and released a couple of the best songs in his early days. His second and beside Moondance best album Astral Weeks was released in 1968 and is full of beautiful songs far away of popular music in these days. Cyprus Avenue is always a song I like to listen. The best version you can find on his live album It's Too Late To Stop Now and almost 50 years old. 


Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2023

One Hit Wonders


A few days I was on a retro tour through the 80s and found some songs again that were on high places in the charts. I know that is not represent these days but they were songs we could share for a summer. Haysi Fantazee were a band from mid 80s who became successful in the slipstream  of Culture Club and hat a big chart success with John  Wayne Is Big Leggy. Just nothing more or less than a great pop song that was at these days. British singer, songwriter, pianist and guitar player Mark Rogers was the man behind Hollywood Beyond and he made also a powerful version of a great song that will always be worth to give a listen.

Montag, 10. Juli 2023

Monday's Long Song


During the last weeks I found less time to continue my blog, because friends of mine from Sri Lanka are visiting me and I spent a lot of my free time with them taking some vacations and showing them some beautiful places around my home area. So I found less time to listen to music and visiting other blogs like I use to. Today I like to feature a song by Alexandre Gimard aka Margee a DJ and producer from Southern France I rediscovered again before I moved to France last week. Hardway Bros remixed his song Wrong Dream back in 2021. Still a killer track on the dancefloor and a sadly an overlooked release from two years ago.


Montag, 3. Juli 2023

Monday's Long Song


Last week a song shuffled up on my mobile phone on my way to work. It happens seldom that I play this song again but I presume it reminded my on days of long gone by. Killing Joke was a band lots of folks could agree with. Not a band that changed music in their way but always worth to be listened. Turn To Red Dub is different to their metallic sound but another great example how a song could be refined when you using a dub version.

Killing Joke - Turn To Red Dub

Samstag, 1. Juli 2023


The first half of the year is over and I got a few days off work. Later this afternoon we will fly to Brittany, France to visit a few good friends for almost a week. I am so happy to see some different places and cultures instead of a desk full of work. At the end of last month Dot Allison released a remix by GLOK/Andy Bell. It is a collaboration I waited a long time for and for me a highlight this year. Dot's volatile woice meet guitar, loops and feedback. Kind of magic.