Montag, 12. April 2021

Monday's Long Song


Ride guitarist Andy Bell released the first EP from his planed trilogy of solo EP's. It started with The Indica Galler EP and features five remixes by Martin Jenkins' Pye Corner Audio extended with his GLOK re-edit of Indica. I really enjoyed these remixes and it seems like Bell couldn't do anything wrong these days. It is a remix Andrew Weatherall would be proud of and a perfect start into a new working week.

Samstag, 10. April 2021

Blue Lines


This week 30 years ago Massive Attack released their debut album Blue Lines, an album that prepared the floor for trip hop and the so named Bristol sound. For me it was a manifestation how today's club sound should sound like. Formed by members of Bristol party collective Wild Bunch they created a never heard before mixture of electronic music, dub, reggae, hip hop and 70's soul mostly in a downtempo mood. I recommended this record to many people that year but less could see the beauty in the vocals by Shara Nelson, Tony Bryan and Horace Andy. Blue Lines accompanied me during the last decades and even Mezzanine might be better I will always come back to their superb debut.

Massive Attack -  Five Man Army

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm

Massive Attack - Be Thankful For What You've Got

Freitag, 9. April 2021

No Hope For A Sexual Revolution


With the huge amount of releases it is impossible to get all the best and new. It is all the more beautiful if I discover a good song several years after its release. This happened when I got the news that Höga Nord Records re-released High Boys' World Dumbination EP from 2017 the recent days. High Boys is the project by Jean-Louis Hutha and Joachim Nordwall and both sharing a massive fondness to early techno acid and try to integrate fragments of kraut psych into their sound. I have to admit that this song has this kind of hypnotic groove that I can't enough in it's way for a moment. 

Donnerstag, 8. April 2021

Much More Than Retro Folk Rock

Primrose Green by Ryley Walker was one of the best albums from 2015. Not only because I saw him live at these days I really liked him because he came across the same cosmic folk vein as Tim Buckley or John Martyn. Now he is back with his latest album Course In Faible recorded and produced in his hometown Chicago by John McEntire a former member of Tortoise and The Sea and Cake. This album is stamped by Walker's own unique voice and combines his eclectic influences like Nick Drake, John Martyn and Bert Jansch with a massive touch of prog-rock. It is not the album you can listen to every day but if you find the time to get into this record you might find the beauty in it. I guess this will be an overlooked highlight and someday a classic.

Mittwoch, 7. April 2021

Lost Steps


In the late 70's a lot of punk bands turned into reggae and experimented with dub and and other effects. One of the most influenced producer of this kind of music was Adrian Sherwood. He released on his On-U Sound-label the most significant records in this genre. The main were the New Age Steppers, a dub collective of former members of The Slits, PIL, The Pop Group and The Raincoats. They only released a few records but their influence was immense. I was surprised when I heard about the release of a new album by New Age Steppers until I found out that was only a compilation of lost tracks or versions that was only released as added versions of their albums for the Japanese market. And it is a gift that this songs and versions was released now on this fantastic compilation Avant Gardening. And it is great to listen to a long lost Peel-session when the missed Ari Up is on vocals.

Dienstag, 6. April 2021

New Hype On Tuesday


A year ago Dry Cleaning released two EP's featured here and I was fascinated by their combination of post-punk sound combined with the spoken words by Florence Shaw. Now they released their debut album and you can hear their names dropped in almost every music magazine as the next big thing. What it isn't. It is nothing more or less an album with some great songs on it pointing musically to the end of the 70's and early 80's. The sound is heavily inspired by Gang of Four, Young Marble Giants and wire. A dominant bass rules the songs and nervous guitars makes them outstanding from many other releases these days. What makes them also different to others are the vocals by Shaw. She's not singing, just speaking about everything and mostly incoherent for me. It is a cool sound but the longer I listen to it, the more it repeats and nothing new happens. If they'd chosen to make another EP it could have been one of the best in this year so far.  

Montag, 5. April 2021

Monday's Long Song


Almost one year ago the first album by Autoelia was released by Demian Castellanos and Tom Relleen. I missed their debut and got aware by recommendation from a friend. Autoelia, as originally coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes a process by which someone has a purpose in, rather than outside of themselves. Those who are autotelic depend less on external rewards for their satisfaction, being driven instead simply by purpose or curiosity. Their project was started as an opportunity to play more freely, with less of the process, consideration and production we both associated with our main projects. And that is what you can hear on this record - a free form of kosmische music based on the floor Cluster, early Spacemen 3 and a modern Brian Eno prepared. It is a 13 minute journey into space. Seems like another overlooked band.

Sonntag, 4. April 2021

Island Of Desolation


International Music is a German band from Essen and featured on this place for several times. Why? Because I think they are probably one of the best German acts today. I like their music where JAMC meets Can and F.S.K. and thick net from laconicism, melancholy, psychedelia and post- punk in whom one gets caught with pleasure. A few days ago they announced the release of their second album with the first single Insel der Verlassenheit a typical song with great guitars, a steady rhythm and cryptic lyrics as they used to have. After all a song with a great hook and perfect for a good start into Eastern Sunday.

Samstag, 3. April 2021

Lagos Calling

I am not a fan of the so called world music genre and certainly not a fan of arty music. Not because I don't like this genres but mostly I miss the main thing in music - soul. But sometimes I am surprised that there is music I can agree with. This happened when I listened to the latest album by Emeka Ogboh, an Nigeria born and now living in Berlin artist and former art student working with the urban sounds of his hometown Lagos. Ogboh works with the sounds, voices, songs, shouts, screams, noise of a city. He also composes songs and public speeches, which he incorporates into experimental musical pieces and sound installations. I really like this kind of musical experience that reminds me at Pantha Du Prince another electronic artist from Berlin. Lekki Ajah Freeway combines the sound of the city with motorik grooves. A sound experience I didn't expected. 

Freitag, 2. April 2021



It is April and a quarter of the year lies behind us. And also days that are ruled by the pandemic that last now more than one year. Since a long time I knew that only vaccine will relief our life. Not that it will be like it was before but in a way that might come close to it. The most that worried me during the last months was not the social distance we should have - it was the new about corrupt politicians making their own profit on delivering vaccine to the health organisations (that our government isn't able to make a strategic plan for a people's vaccination is a thing I sadly accepted since a longer time). The good thing is that I found more time to listen to music - especially the ones I didn't played much during the last months.

One of those is Diabolique, the 2019 release by L Èpée, a collaboration between The Liminanas and Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre. You can name their sound underground psychedelic pop and it is true when you listen to the beautiful and soft voices of Emmanuelle Seigner and Marie Liminina that switches from French to English and back. The sound is psychedelic and heavy influenced of late 60's American psychedelic bands with their echoing guitars and trippy phasing keyboards. What this record makes outstanding is that L Épée found their very own sound and wrote and arranged a lot of songs that will stand the test of time.

L Épée - Dreams

L Épée - Ghost Rider

L Épée - La Brigade des maléfices

s and beautifully balanced instrumental arrangements which seem to grow and evolve as the songs play out. The tones are retro, french vintage tones with a variety of well played and arranged instruments. The songs build and change, sometimes guitars drenched in reverb raw and exposed with super cool attitude take the front melody while at other times layers of arranged instruments create an textured and beautiful sound.