Freitag, 16. April 2021

Subtle As A Flying Mallet

According to yesterdays post I grabbed out an old copy of Dave Edmund's second album Subtle As A Flying Mallet the second solo album by Welsh lad Dave Edmunds from 1975 after his band Love Sculpture dissolved. Inspired by the sound of Phil Spector he moved with this album from the classic blues-rock patterns to his interpretation of classic wall of sound songs. On the other side there were a few live tracks where he used the members of Brinsley Schwarz as his band (after he produced one of their albums). With this early recordings he was linked with the pub-rock scene in the mid 70's. This record sounds so out-of-time and at the same time contemporary if it is new to you or you didn't listen to for decades. 

Dave Edmunds - Born To Be With You

Dave Edmunds - No Money Down

Dave Edmunds - Leave My Woman Alone

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