Samstag, 3. April 2021

Lagos Calling

I am not a fan of the so called world music genre and certainly not a fan of arty music. Not because I don't like this genres but mostly I miss the main thing in music - soul. But sometimes I am surprised that there is music I can agree with. This happened when I listened to the latest album by Emeka Ogboh, an Nigeria born and now living in Berlin artist and former art student working with the urban sounds of his hometown Lagos. Ogboh works with the sounds, voices, songs, shouts, screams, noise of a city. He also composes songs and public speeches, which he incorporates into experimental musical pieces and sound installations. I really like this kind of musical experience that reminds me at Pantha Du Prince another electronic artist from Berlin. Lekki Ajah Freeway combines the sound of the city with motorik grooves. A sound experience I didn't expected. 

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