Mittwoch, 28. April 2021



From time to time I poke in my record collection for something undefined and suddenly I see a record I didn't remember that I owned it. This happened at last when I came to my compilation collection and I found an album called Mindrockers. It was the first album of a series from 13 albums featuring lost nuggets from the 60's garage/pre-punk/psychedelia released on a Line Records, a German label specialized on obscure re-releases. Most of the bands on this compilation came from California and were massive influenced by the first British wave that spilled over the Atlantic ocean. Most of the bands I've never heard before or after except The Seeds and I must admit that it was great fun listening to those forgotten bands again after decades. This was the time when most of the bands made songs not much longer than two minutes and therefore it is fantastic that they managed it to condense their ideas in this short time. 

Fenwyck - Mindrocker

Chosen Few - Nothing But Me

Mark & The Escorts - Get Your Baby

The Fire Escape - Love Special Delivery

The Seeds - A Thousand Shadows

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Looks like a good find Walter