Freitag, 2. April 2021



It is April and a quarter of the year lies behind us. And also days that are ruled by the pandemic that last now more than one year. Since a long time I knew that only vaccine will relief our life. Not that it will be like it was before but in a way that might come close to it. The most that worried me during the last months was not the social distance we should have - it was the new about corrupt politicians making their own profit on delivering vaccine to the health organisations (that our government isn't able to make a strategic plan for a people's vaccination is a thing I sadly accepted since a longer time). The good thing is that I found more time to listen to music - especially the ones I didn't played much during the last months.

One of those is Diabolique, the 2019 release by L Èpée, a collaboration between The Liminanas and Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre. You can name their sound underground psychedelic pop and it is true when you listen to the beautiful and soft voices of Emmanuelle Seigner and Marie Liminina that switches from French to English and back. The sound is psychedelic and heavy influenced of late 60's American psychedelic bands with their echoing guitars and trippy phasing keyboards. What this record makes outstanding is that L Épée found their very own sound and wrote and arranged a lot of songs that will stand the test of time.

L Épée - Dreams

L Épée - Ghost Rider

L Épée - La Brigade des maléfices

s and beautifully balanced instrumental arrangements which seem to grow and evolve as the songs play out. The tones are retro, french vintage tones with a variety of well played and arranged instruments. The songs build and change, sometimes guitars drenched in reverb raw and exposed with super cool attitude take the front melody while at other times layers of arranged instruments create an textured and beautiful sound.

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