Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

But it'll still more than a heart can take, more than feeling great, more than a tongue can tell

Yesterday I wrote some words about sexist statements, ending with some words to all the writing people and feminists. I got some response about this and let me explain: I wanted to provoke with a radically other opinion what I, if I the feedbacks looks, have also managed. It is a no go to cross the verbal border, when you flirt - everybody is responsible for his words and their effect. So rather twice think, before once a little bit too much is said.

Now let's finish and let's listen to a band that mean a lot to me. The Trash Can Sinatras are a Scottish band formed in the early 90s and I follow them since a couple of years and it's a kind of music I could nearly listen anytime. 

This one is their earliest popular songs - so listen, enjoy and have a good week.

Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Rebel Yell: Sexist Statements

Germany expresses outrage at the moment about sexist statements from a leading politician of the Free Democratic Party. What happened: In January 2012 the 67 year old politician Rainer Brüderle met a 29 year old newspaperwoman in a bar at a hotel in Stuttgart round midnight. After drinking and talking obviously Brüderles look walks on her breast and says 'you can fill a dirndl also'.

Not that such statements of an old politician would interest me, but that now all feminists from her holes creep again and cry after justice and excuse annoys me. I know it is a very thin line between flirting and sexual statements - but what the hell: has one of those which condemn this, sat once at midnight at a hotel bar?

To all the writing people and all feminists: Don't take every word a man says for serious and take words like this with a smile. And remember: it is up to you to finish flirting and stop talking.

Dub Pistols feat. Terry Hall - Gangsters

Exploring The Archiv No. 2: Serge Gainsbourg

I'm not really a big fan of French chansons but sometimes I like to listen to some French pop. In France he is valid as one of the most creative musician of his time. He was also a very great influence for other singer/songwriter in the late 60's in France.

His early songs were inspired by the French writer Boris Vian and were very old fashioned chansons. Gainsbourg began to remove from this and experiment with new styles: jazz early on, pop in the 1960s, rock and reggae in the 1970s and electronic in the 1980s. Gainsbourg's extremely varied musical style makes him difficult to categorize.

I always liked his coolness and the way he whispered his lyrics. He was every time good for a scandal. So as he published a record about a love story between teenager an an older man, ending tragically when the teenager died by a plane crash.

Ballade De Melody Nelson

Another scandal was when he turned into reggae. He was one of the first European musicians that made a record in Jamaica. In 1978 he recorded with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare 'Aux Armes Et Caetera' a reggae version of the French national anthem 'La Marseillaise'. This song earned him death threads from the right-wing veterans of the Algerian war of independence who were opposed to certain lyrics.

Aux Armes Et Caetera


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Lost in music

Today I got my half year date with my skin doctor. I have to check up half a year my birthmarks because I got skin cancer four years ago. My doctor told me, that everything is well and we don't have to operate. To celebrate this I got out with my brother in law for a couple of beer. Now I am at home watching some videos. 

Thank you Drew for introducing me to this. I agree, it is the right music to listen on headphones and having a good drink. I'm grateful to be in this community that points me to something I haven't recognized yet.

That is for you all if you want to relax and get your own peace of mind.

Enjoy and have a good time (play loud)

Dub be good to me

Let's start the day with reggae. Yesterday I got this song on the shuffle on my mobile phone. I didn't heard this song for a long time but it is still a nice track and remembers me at sunny places along the seaside.

Enjoy and have a good day

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Fourteen years

This post is just for the person that means the most to me. For now 14 years we go common ways. Not always just and easily, but always openly and fairly. Thank you Christiane for loving me still and keep on going this way. There is no more important person in my life for me than you.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

And then one day it happened - she cut 'er hair and I stopped loving 'er

Last Friday JC from The Vinyl Villain featured Billy Bragg and his record 'Don't try this at home' from 1991. I took this for a chance to listen more to his music over the last weekend. It is astonishing how many songs and lyrics are familiar to me after all this time still presently. About him is is nearly everything told.

In different blogs it is discussed whether his political songs are the better ones or the love songs. I turned into his music with his first record 'Life's A Riot with Spy vs Spy'. On this record and also on the following records he sung very political songs. And most of them I played while I worked as a DJ for the weekend in our local pub. I agreed with lots of his political statements - especially against the Thatcher administration.

When I listen to his love songs nowadays I've to confess that a know only a few white singer who are able to sing songs of love and resignation like he does - with his whole heart and empathy.

One of my favorite love song is 'Walk away Renee' - his version of the 1966 single from the Left Bank, around own verses complements. Beside the blog-title the song still contains this miraculous dialogue:

I said 'I'm the most illegible bachelor in town'. 
And she said 'Yea, that's why I never can understand any of those silly letters you send me'.

Billy Bragg - Walk away Renee

Another great song about going separate ways to go:

The Streets - Dry your eyes

Listen, enjoy and have a good week.

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

The pains of beeing pure at heart

The second day back on work and nothing changed since I left four weeks ago. All my colleges are still busy working from nine to five and leave the office like zombies. Even though I set with a couple of them together for some drinks after finishing work. On my way back home on train I found this tune on my mobile phone. It was released in 2009 and remembers me the days of so called Indie-music or powerpop. Yes it is very retro to the 80s - but anyway a sound that makes me feel well.

So enjoy and have a good time

The Pains Of Beeing Pure At Heart - Stay Alive

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Get a shave and relax

Now my vacation comes to an end. That's why I have allowed myself a classical shave with the razor. If you travel through Asia, relaxation is very often offered to you in the form of massages, facial treatments or spa. For me is the biggest relaxation if I can get shaved. In the chair burst to take and to get shaved in well-tried kind with is simply miraculous, because this tradition threatens to become extinct with us.

Here is a song from the seventies originally performed by the great Lee Hazlewood. This version is from a German punk/industrial band from the end of last century. For me it is more than a cover - it is an interpretation.

Enjoy and have a good week

Einstürzende Neubauten - Sand

Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Access allowd

Now I got some time to update my posts and allowed access to all the files posted over the last month. If it is still not working, let me know pease. Then I have to try again. Sorry, but I'm no dot com child.

Therefore a song I loved in my very younger days.
Enjoy and have a lot of fun.

Slade - Mama weer all crazy now

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Relaxing with movies

 Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino Movie 2012 Entertainment Blockbuster Red Leonardo DiCaprio Samuel L. Jackson Kerry Washington Sacha Baron Cohen Kurt Russell Christoph Waltz Jamie Foxx

After a couple of busy days in Colombo (staying at the embassy to get a visa for our friend) we took one day off just to relax in our apartment. We have an full equipment of TV and DVD in our living room. Therefor we bought in a store next to us some DVD's. Of course you can fiend there no legal copies of movies. They are all ripped in Malaysia to be sold all over in asia. But anyway: I was surprised of the quality and the mass of absolutly new movies that were offered.We grabbed about 10 movies , in fact each DVD costs only 100 rupies, what mean in EURO 60 cents.

Besides the new movie by Steven Spielberg (Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis) we bought the new movie from Quentin Tarrantino - Django unchained. I am a great fan of Tarrantino since I saw Reservoir dogs in 1992. His latest movie is one of his best ever, with once again a superp actor like Christoph Waltz. Go out and watch the movie.

The Ruts - Jah war
The Scottish Enlightment - Little sleep

Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Problems with the download

Every post I did in the last three month I supported a band/song to your pleasure/download. Now I got some comment that the download from does not work in cast that your access is not allowed or the file is deleted. Yesterday I checked my settings again and relaunched my last blog.

Please try to download some songs - even older ones from the last month and tell me, if it works. If it does not work I would be grateful for some advises to let it work.

Thank you my friends

Half Man Half Biscuit - I was a teenage armchaired honved fan_V1

Half Man Haalf Bisquit - I was a teenage armchaired honved fan_V2

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Rice and curry

After our short trip to Bangkok over the year we are back in Colombo. We found a very nice appartment in a quiet row nearby downtown with two sleeping and a big living room. Also a kitchen is there to prepare some meals or warm them up. We wish to get our friend to visit Germany during the year. It's very difficult to get a visa for him, because the expectations for a Schengen visa are very high. The main reason is, that the geman embassy don't believe, that our friend will come back to Sri Lanka again. Therefore we went to the embassy to talk to the visa officer and explain our request and also our suggestion.

It was last friday noon as we went there. The safety guard told us that  there are no business hours for public people and gave us a telephon number, so we could try our luck. I dialed the number and found myself at the switchboard. The only answer I got was the opening hours to speak our request to the officer. I begged for a couple of times to connect me to the visa officer but all she done, was disconnecting me. So I tried again and on the switchboard was a guy, who spoke a better english than the lady did and connected me with the officer. And what did the officer - he disconnected me also. I got a terrible anger. What do they think I am. These people represent my country and are not able/willing to talk to me. Fuck 'em all. So we have to wait until tomorrow to start again.

Let me write about something more enjoyable. I titled the post rice and curry beause it is the main dish for singha people. They serve it in different styles with chicken, fish or vegetarian. It's your choice if you want it with a cream of beans, lentals or other vegetable. The best curries I had was that ones you get in the shops along the mainroads. Looking the kitchen and the dining room with european eyes you might think it is dirty and rotten. But this is not the truth - it is only very simple in the cooking area and the dining room, because they haven't the money to make it luxury. Anyway: it was always tasty, cheap and we didn't got sick.

We also went to the local market to see all the business men selling fruits and vegetables. Crossing the street you get to another market where they sell all the faked clothes and watches from well known brands. Also walking through the roads where they sell all the electronic stuff is amazing. In this two hours walking around we met no other european or australian. After that we decided to swing to a new pub to get us some pitchers beer.

This is a song I discovered again last year. I think it's 30 years old now but I am still facinated about the drums and the young and rebellios voice of Anabella Lu Win.
Bow Wow Wow - Go wild in the country
Bow Wow Wow - Go wild in the countryV2
Bow Wow Wow - Go wild in the country V3

The other song I would like to feature is a german one from the times they called music 'neue deutsche Welle' - in english: new german wave. Most of the bands the reached the charts are gone and forgotten (god be blessed). But this group is still alive making records worth to listen.
Extrabreit - Kokain
Extrabreit - Kokain V2
Extrabreit - Kokain V3

Enjoy and have a good week