Mittwoch, 17. August 2022

Music Of Quality And Destinction


According to yesterdays post I have to continue with the project B.E.R., the so called British Electronic Foundation formed by members of Heaven 17. Their first album is not that good as the ones by Heaven 17 but certainly full of great and sometimes forgotten songs. The best thing they did was to hire artist that had their best times long gone by. And for me are the re-interpretations by Gary Glitter and Tina Turner made this album worth to be remembered.

Gary Glitter - Suspicious Mind 

Tina Turner - Ball Of Confusion

Dienstag, 16. August 2022

Penthouse, Pavement And More


Back in 1981 Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, former members of Human League formed in Sheffield together with Glenn Gregory on vocals Heaven 17, one of the pioneers of new electronic synth pop. They came up with the first wave of new wave bands and brought back funk into music. It was new and irritating to the guitar based music that was released at this time but you couldn't detract from the groove and funky sound of (We Don't Need) This Fascist Groove Thang that was played in every good discotheque in the 80's. It was also a political statement because the single's condemnation of the political leaders Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan proved an ill-fated move. And also these meaning made it an hit here in Germany.

Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

The song was originally wrote for the B.E.R.-project and was also released on their debut album Penthouse and Pavement which became a classic in electronic music. How great the song on this album are is shown by a remix of Play To Win by New York DJ's Martinez Brothers who had a big success in Ibiza.

Heaven 17 - Play To Win (Martinez Brothers Edid)

On their second album they created on of the best songs from 1982. Let Me Go is still one of those songs I return from time to time and I think it is a perfect track. Sometimes it is simple to create a great song when you have a bubbly bassline, dubby drums and the chopping up of the lyrics.

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go

Montag, 15. August 2022

Monday's Long Song


The good things about re-releases are that you can remember the times you listened first to it or you can hear something new you missed but the lot of releases from this time. This happened to me when I listened to the latest release by Stereolab. In 1997 they released their collaboration with Nurse With Wounds as a limited single. On this two songs Stereolab combined their mighty organ sound with the krautrock inspired avant-garde of Steven Stapleton and he couldn't hide his experiences working with Guru Guru and Faust. Tripping With The Birds is an experimental mix of Kraftwerk's Autobahn, combined with a Rother-esque guitar and the spoken words by Stereolab. A nugget of forgotten release.

Sonntag, 14. August 2022

Stepping Out


During the last days I read Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson once again just to see if this books works to like it did almost 50 years ago. I have to admit that I wasn't impressed that much as in my younger days but the way Thompson wrote is still freaked out. He described the journey of two persons writing about an off-course race in the desert near to Las Vegas. But it is more about using drugs than reporting about the race. Anyway a book worth to be read. While I read this book I remembered Curse Of Lono a band named after another novel by Thompson. Based in London they released a couple of albums and EP's and I don't know if they still active. They wrote songs Mumford And Songs would die for. Always between classic rock with a heavy affinity to Americana and Country. Steppin Out is a song that works to any time and any place to me. Especially Sunday morning with my first cup of coffee.

Curse Of Lono - Steppin Out

Dienstag, 9. August 2022

Dub Housing


A few days ago while I looked for something other I found Dub Housing by Pere Ubu. I almost forgot that I had a CD version from their 1978 album. Formed in Cleveland in the late 70's they created their very own version of rock music. Inspired by punk as a new form of music they added elements of krautrock and free jazz to their cosmos. Seldom heard a darker and dangerous sound like on their first albums. If any music can hurt than theirs. I know this is not the cup of tea for everyone and lots of people would annoy this kind of music but if you are willing to to go to the darkest chapter in punk/new wave influenced music you have to listen to this. A tour de force of experimental sound. On the other side many bands were influenced by them. Once I read that they were the link between Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, Soft Machine, Brian Eno and This Heat and I have to say this is true.

Pere Ubu - Codex

Pere Ubu - Dub Housing

Pere Ubu - Ubu Dance Party

Montag, 8. August 2022

Monday's Long Songs


Another slow start to the week and with a new song by Nils Frahm a Berlin based pianist and composer. I featured him several times during the last years at this place and now again because he announced a new album for September. It is the first new album after he released collected works from the last years and what I heard so far is much better than them. Music for Animals sounds like he combined Brian Eno's Music for Airports with very own ambient works. Right Right Right shows him at a peak of his output and fusions his ambient works with krautrock elements.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2022



Sometimes a song comes unexpected and stays for days and probably will become a high position in my years end list. On the last days of last month A Mountain Of One a British band that is typically filed under psychedelic and prog rock. Now they released wit Star their now song. It was released with various remixes and the one by GLOK is certainly the best. A dubby journey into another space. More versions and the original could be found here