Dienstag, 23. April 2019

On The Line

Bildergebnis für jenny lewis singer

Strong female voices hat always a huge attraction to me and it started when I listened the first time to Janis Joplin. After her I constantly like to listen to female singer(songwriter until now. To name them all would be too much for this short post. A few days ago I got aware that American actress and musician Jenny Lewis released a new album On The Line and I like her country inspired pop record. The songs are sometimes brittle like Stevie Nicks, playful like Kate Bush and poppy like Susanna Hoffs. Not the album of the year but some to come back from time to time. On her last record cover she was also topless with a jacket. Now she's wearing an evening dress with a deep décolleté and I ask myself what will be the next?

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Rol hat gesagt…

Liking this record a lot. Her lyrics are always full of interesting details, like short stories.