Sonntag, 21. April 2019

Saw Lightning

Bildergebnis für nobby stiles

Beck is back with a new song from his forthcoming album Hyperspace. It is a collaboration with songwriter and producer Pharell Williams. As always you Beck is good for new combinations in music. This time he uses a slide-guitar and harp to create an intoxicated  hybrid of country and dancefloor-pop. Seems like he didn't lost preference for strange sounds.

The fact that the VfB can't keep up in many aspects with other teams of the Bundesliga was aware to me. Yesterday we had to come too the absolute low to witness as we have lost in Augsburg 6:0 after a catastrophic achievement. Deficits in playing the ball and defence, no will to move and tactical failures made this result suitable. In the evening the headcoach was fired and replaced by the coach of the youth team. I am tired of the weekly disappointments and I ask myself if it the way back to second league. If I think about players who have the will to win and fight for it during the whole game I remeber Englands/Manchesters legend Nobby Stiles, the toothless defender, without him England couldn't have won the cup in 1966

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