Freitag, 28. Oktober 2022

Live Music On German TV

In the mid 90's Jarvis Cocker appeared with his band Pulp on the scene. Headdress, greasy hair, no modeling fretting, unbelievable dance style and yet - Jarvis Cocker was and is a sex symbol. Women, whom he did not even dare to look at in his entire youth, worship the man idolatly since he is in the spotlight with Pulp. With Different Class they released their masterpiece and Common People went to the top of the charts. Still a song that explores more than a bit of hip culture like Dead Kennedys did in Holidays In Cambodia.  But in the best days Cocker wrote songs that was nearly close to songs Ray Davis wrote decades ago. Songs that described live and situation in England at these days. I remember when I saw this footage for the first time and I really liked what I saw and heard. A few week later I saw them live and Pulp were at the top of their days and after 26 years you can listen to them with big joy.


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JC hat gesagt…

A perfect summary!!!

You will have noticed Pulp have got back together and are playing a few festivals and outdoor stadium gigs next year. I've not yet been tempted to buy any tickets.......I think I prefer that I've seen Jarv...Is play in smaller venues recently. The idea of huge crowds, singing/shouting along to every single word is not my idea of a great gig.

Call it an age thing!!!