Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2022

The German Correspondent Returns

After a very long time I returned to a series I thought I closed a few years ago. The reason why I reanimated this series is that a few days ago I returned to a German hip-hop band after a very long time. Die Fantastischen Vier, named after Marvel's super heroes are very popular at my place and they fill big events. I have to admit that I am no big fan of kind of these kind of German music but I have a special relationship to them. It was in the late 80's when me and a couple of pals had nothing else to do than to go to a small venue to watch a new kind of music. They were introduced as a the first band playing hip-hop in German spoken songs. We had no imagination what this could be but we went out after an enthusiastic show. We never heard a sound by German artists like them before. It was sad that these young kids played their show in front of 30 people. A few years later and after a great promotion they got some hits and raised to the top of the charts. I followed them during their early career and on every record they had some songs that were far above the average of every other song German musicians made in these days. At the start of the new century they were one of the less German artists that got the chance for an MTV-unplugged concert. They played live with and orchestra in a cave in Balver in the middle of Germany. I really liked the way they arranged their songs with an orchestra, especially Millions Of Legions, a song with a fantastic groove accompanied by a sitar sound. The lyrics are cryptic and related on a relationship. But this doesn't matter - the music and sound speaks for itself. 


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JC hat gesagt…

Of course, very few (if any!!) of us in the UK would know anything about this. I enjoyed the music.....but I'm not sure if I like the singing/rapping. Thanks, Walter.