Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022

2022 - Long Part I


2022 was a year that changed almost everything. A megalomaniac autocrat started a war against Ukraine, the cost of living raised higher and higher and I see a lot of people not knowing how to pay the heating of their homes and their regular food. The medical system is closer to a meltdown before and we are also not willing to change into a climate-neutral future. So I used to ignore these bad news turning into listening to music.

The year is almost gone and like every year a lot of folks out there are going to a retrospective about this year in music. In my opinion it was a very good year in music. Many new bands appeared on the scene and also successful artists released new stuff. Looking back this year I didn't bought many physical copies and owned more digital copies than before. One reason is the price I have to pay for copies coming from Great Britain and the taxes are horrible because German dealers have to include the taxes into the final price. 

So I am presenting a very subjective list of 22 albums that were released this year. Let's start with a few compilations.  

Version Excursion released by Don Letts via Late Night Tales is a very own conglomeration of songs from the last decades many will know but not in a reggae-dub inspired versions. A compilation I always come back to.

Our good friend Drew introduced me to Flying Mojito Bros a California based band reworking the music of the early 70's in a very special way. I always had a fondness to Steely Dan but this version is a belter.

Fell From The Sun is a compilation built on the best of 1990 released songs and reworks. None of them is a mistake and brings back great moments in time.

Let's turn to the new albums of the year. Paul Osborne surprised me with his Project Gemini. The Children Of Scorpio is nothing more or less a homage to early 70's soundtracks with great wah-wah guitars and an accentuated bass drifting into a psychedelic space.

Fontaines D.C. returned with their third album Skinty Fia and came close to their debut. Just pure rock music with an immense energy.

Wet Leg was named as a hype this year because nearly every one talked about them. But their self titled album was nothing more or less one of the best indie-pop albums from this year.

Another band that will appear in many list this year is Yard Act with their debut The Overload. It might be a hype as well but they surprised me with a fresh guitar lead guitar lead sound that just makes fun.

I have to admit that I turned more and more to electronic music and sounds this year. So it is not surprising that the latest album Let's Emerge by Pye Corner Audio appears at this place. Martin Jenkins created one of the superbest drone albums this year.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I've bought very little music this year, so everyone's lists are going to be very helpful. I haven't heard the Yard Act LP yet, but I've liked everything I've heard by them and Wet Leg are great. They each played in small venues nearby this year, but I missed out both times.

JC hat gesagt…

Like The Swede, I never managed to see either of Wet Leg or Yard Act when they came to the small venues earlier in the year.....but it hasn't stopped me loving both albums! I have picked up tickets to see Yard Act at Glasgow Barrowlands next April.