Mittwoch, 25. November 2020

Diego Maradona


This evening the sad news arrived that maybe the best football player died at the age of 60 in case if a heart attack. For me he was the perfect football player ever and it doesn't matter how he ruined his life during the last years on drugs and alcohol. I remember a day in May 1989 when I was witness of the UEFA-Cup final between Stutgart and Napoli. The first game in Napoli was a deception when Napoli got a penalty that never was a penalty and we left 1:1. The second leg ended 3:3 and was one of the best games I ever saw. Maradonna was the one that directed Napoli's game and we were lucky enough to see a great game.

He was also the one who has beaten England by the hand of god but also made one of the best goals in history. No English defender could stop him by making a goal. 

A few month ago a band appeared on the scene named by Daniel Passarella a former teammate of Maradonna winning the world cup as a defender. It is a song I didn't play for a longer time but I think it is worth to play it again in memory of Diego.

Passarella Death Squad - In Heaven

Rest easy Diego.

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

He will always be a national hero in Scotland Walter after the Hand of God!

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Great post Walter.