Freitag, 1. März 2019

Gamma Ray

Bildergebnis für birth control band

I was out yesterday with an old friend of mine for some drinks and we talked about this and that all over the evening when he finally told me that Birth Control will come to our town a few weeks ahead. We remembered when we were out to one of our fist live concerts in 1974 watching them in our town. It was in a venue that was ragged down almost 40 years ago but I remember that it was fantastic. An old cinema with a gallery and comfortable seats (I was too young to know that you should stand and watch the band) and a water basin close to the entrance filled with gold fishes. Anyway, we decided to get tickets for the gig and fall back down to our memories. Another friend of mine saw them live during last summer and he told me that they are still able to play a great gig even if the band members are close to the seventies. Looking forward to the concert and let you know how it was.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Envious of you seeing Birth Control in a few weeks, but even more envious that you saw them in 1974 - wow! I look forward to hearing all about the gig. Great tune from the band too.