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Another German Artist

Bildergebnis für udo lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg is a German rock musician, author and painter. He begun his career as a drummer with City Preachers and jazz musician Peter Herbolzheimer in the late 1960's and concentrated in the 1970's to sing in German language. He was one of those who helped to install singing rock songs in German language and made this mass compatible. Of course he was not the one who had a rock voice and for people outside my country can't understand why he got so much success with this flimsy voice. But you ought to see it in the context of the time when a lot of people told us it is impossible to sing rock songs in German language. A few years later the punk and New Wave scene told us that it was possible at all. In 1978 he released his album Lindenberg's Rock Revue and it was a tribute to songs from the 60's and 70's everyone knew but in German language. Most of the songs were originally translated into German language and it was the first time a lot of people understood that the lyrics stood for in the originals. Surely not the greatest versions of the songs but in context to German musical history groundbreaking. Chapeau to him for trying to make a cover by Ronettes Leaader of the Pack.

Udo Lindenberg - Der Boss von der Gang (Leader of the pack
Udo Lindenberg - Sympathie für den Teufel (Sympathy for the devil)

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