Samstag, 23. März 2019

Dusty Notes

Bildergebnis für meat puppets

It was a big surprise when I heard that the Meat Puppets are going to release another album after almost 25 years and asked myself should I expect them making another great record after all these years or are they just another retired band trying to make some money at the last decades of their life. I got me the record and I have to admit that they still can write great songs and still having fun playing their music. It is a sturdy album filled with pastoral country-rock and Americana. Most of the songs sneak into your ears and determine in your mind sometimes for the whole day. It is an album that works best for me when I listen to it on my way to work because of it's positive tenor that makes the start into work much easier.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I've been a fan of The Meat Puppets for a great many years and their 1985 LP 'Up On the Sun' is one of my favourites of all time, yet still they managed to surprise me by just how good 'Dusty Notes' is. The band are coming to a town near me in June - can't wait to catch up with them again.

Walter hat gesagt…

You're right with 'up On The Sun'. It is one of those records that never got the standing it should have. Also one of these records I came often back too. Sadly Meat Puppets don't play around my place.

Brian hat gesagt…

This album is getting plenty of play on KEXP here in Seattle, particularly on the evening show Swingin' Doors.