Dienstag, 12. März 2019

Tuesday's Cover

Bildergebnis für galaxie 500 band

In this series it should be shown that some great (and forgotten) songs other artists keep alive doing their very own thing with this song. Not only to fill a record or serving the audience the song for an encore. I will try to promote some versions that are rather different to the original or close to it but in a way the song could be one of the songs that the band who made the cover has written originally. Ceremony by Joy Division was one of these examples. A song that never made it on an album by them was covered by Galaxie 500, a post-punk influenced band from greater NYC and they were active in the late 80's, I remember that their second record On Fire was on almost every independent turntable at these days and I have to admit that I loved their reduced independent guitar sound. The cover of Ceremony was the start to grab out the old vinyl of Galaxie 500 and it still makes me happy to listen to them after a very long time.

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