Freitag, 29. März 2019

An Evening With Krautrock

It is very rare that a band which is known about our town borders away for a concert comes to my town to play. All the more I have been glad to see Birth Control after more than 40 years once again live. I was also curious as it has created the band to substitute for the soul the voice and drums of 'Nossi' which has passed away five years ago. So I went again to to a venue that is rare in Germany. It is a cellar room 20 meters below a 500 years old town wall and is totally filled with 120 persons and many of them I know for decades. So it was fun talking to them before the concert started. The concert started at the time it was announced and from the beginning the band has pulled the audience in his spell while old classics with new songs played alternately. The sound was fantastic and also the new and young players on guitar and bass were fantastic. After all it was an evening with long songs played straight with a lot of space for improvisation. I have to admit that after all my expectations were more than fulfilled listening to songs that I have almost forgotten.

2 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

Sounds like a brilliant evening Walter - I'm jealous!

Walter hat gesagt…

It was Swede!!