Montag, 18. März 2019

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Bildergebnis für the who live at leeds

Last week JC released an superb ICA by ´The Who compiled by Martin that made me want to listen to their best album Live At Leeds. It was one of the first rock albums I ever heard in full length introduced by a local biker that was engaged in these days to my best mates sister. And we were overwhelmed by what we heard. Pete Townshend playing his ecstatic guitar, Keith Moon treating his drums like a madman, Roger Daltrey made the songs famous with his bluesy voice and John Entwistle kept it all together with his bass. Nic Cohn once said that this live album is the perfect hard-rock holocaust and even if was harsh words they were true. Never before and after a band played with such a verve and fun to built up song to de-construct them and put them together with other songs by their own. A classic that I enjoyed to explore this 15 minutes ride once again.

The Who - My Generation

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drew hat gesagt…

Great album but Roger Daltrey really is a bit of a ridiculous figure over here now. Another reactionary "little Englander"

The Swede hat gesagt…

Great stuff Walter. Unfortunately Drew is spot on when it comes to Roger's current political views.