Samstag, 30. März 2019

Taste Good With The Money

Bildergebnis für monty python

Fat White Family released a the second song from their upcoming album the resent days. The song goes back to the known sound of the band, offers propelling and playful, still restained psychic sound. The video was directed by Roisin Murphy and ends with spoken words by Baxter Dury at the end. In that clip a high class garden party moves into a splatter movie and it was intended that one must think immediately of Monty Python. Roisin Murphy explains her intention in own words:

For me there’s such a charm about them and an authenticity that’s actually incredibly rare. I knew I could not possibly work with a more magnetic bunch of performers. The idea of referencing Monty Python partly came out of the somewhat absurd and confusing political landscape that we are now living in Britain, Python seems prescient. The British laughing at themselves, a certain kind glee even in the loss of empire, singing as the ship goes down, well it just seems so... of the moment.
There is this deep ambivalence to the establishment that resonates with the Fat Whites own irreverent world view. Most of all I wanted an idea that would give them the confidence and the space to really let go and just perform, too allow them to be raw in what is essentially an unnatural situation for a bunch of ne’er do well musicians.

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