Mittwoch, 20. März 2019

Lost Bet

Bildergebnis für heino konzert stuttgart

Last autumn me and a couple of co-workers stood together for a few pints. After all we bet for who's winning the next game of our club. I felt good enough to bet for a win and we discussed about the insert. I said if I will win you will join me to a concert with punky new music - otherwise I will join you to a concert with Heino. He is a German schlager singer since more than 50 years and he was the main figure that we all hated when we were young. Unfortunately, I have lost the bet and had to stand to myself the concert the last Friday, After all it was horrible but we had a great time and I asked myself why 1.500 people reached for this concert watching an 80 year old singer singing new songs in his very old style. He can still sing so popular German songs - he will never get played at my home.

If we should move us already in the depressions of the German Schlagres I still mention that Peter Kraus has celebrated his 80th birthday two days ago. He was the teenager idol in the beginning of the 60s because he has interpreted rock'n'roll songs in German. At the height of his career he has produced a small scandal, while he has lighted a cigarette with 100 DM bank note to himself during a concert. Maybe one first shit-storms in the history - at least in Germany. This is the German version of Cliff Richard's Lucky Lips:

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