Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2019

Mont St. Michel

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Almost one year ago German post-punk, neo-new-wave band International Music released their first album. It was on rotation during the last year at my place but never made it to a heavy rotation. I can't explain why because lyrics and music are far above the average of most of I listened to during the last years. International Music is a band that know very well were their roots are. Early 80's new wave with a great bassline and hooks. It is a record I came back the last weeks more and more and their sound didn't lost the attraction it had when I first listened to them. Another German band that should be listened to out of my home country. Many words of their lyrics were wise and grabs some older ones. For example the refrain of Mont St. Michel - it might not be true for everyone but it makes me thinking about these words.

Knee broken, hairstyle is shits, the prime of life is over

International Music - Mont St. Michel

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