Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

I See Red

Bildergebnis für split enz

Back in the late 70's me and a couple of mates who also were DJ-ing in some locations in our town had a little competition who will find out the most exotic bands and play it to the audience. At this time has I have discovered for myself Split Enz, a rock and independent band from New Zealand. Not the next big thing for sure but Tim Finn wrote one of the best pop and rock song in these days. I forgot them for ages and I was surprised how good the songs sounds decades after their release. It is probably just because it reminds me to the glory days of my youth but these songs are timeless for me and Split Enz didn't got the appreciation they should have in musical history because they made music for their own and have not toadied to the mass taste.

2 Kommentare:

Rol hat gesagt…

I had no idea how bizarre Split Enz looked until I searched out a photo of them for Saturday Snapshots a few week back. It made me like them more.

Brian hat gesagt…

Those Finn brothers certainly know their way around a good song. I have been a keen listener of their work for about 35 years. Never gets old.