Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019

Mark Hollis 1955 -2019

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Very sad news I heard this evening. Mark Hollis died after a short disease at the age of 64. He was well known as the leading figure of Talk Talk a band that was well known as of of the leading artists of the so called new romantic movement in the mid 80's. For me Mark Hollis was much more than another artist in a popular band that released several chart breaking singles more than 30 years ago. We all know the songs from their first records but for me Talk Talk released their best record 1999 when they recorded their last live appearance London 1986. Hollis performed his greatest song in a very unique way, very intimate and far away from public expectations in his music. For me it is his legacy to generations that will come and for me it is one of the best live albums of every time. Songs with feelings and atmosphere played by great musicians that didn't care about success.

Rest well Mark.

Talk Talk - Give It Up
Talk Talk - Renée

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