Freitag, 22. Februar 2019

Like Sugar

Bildergebnis für chaka khan

Looking back to my posts I got aware that I never featured Chaka Khan on this sites. She is an artist that companied me during the last decades and I always got back to her. From the first days with Rufus her voice attracted me like seldom heard before. She's so a beautiful and soulful voice that many others that are famous should shut their mouth and be grateful to listen to her. She always had open ears for new sounds and tried to integrate them to her funky, jazzy and fusion sound. Even if it was some kind of rap or other funky stuff, she is able to incorporate to her sound. I saw her twice live and was astonished how she filled the venue with only her voice.

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Like Sugar was just bubbling under my top tracks of 2018. Her latest single and video - Hello Happiness builds on the energy of Like Sugar and is a favorite for me so far this year! It's a modern Funk workout.