Freitag, 29. Mai 2020

To Say Goodbye

Die Kneipe in Kirchheim unter Teck 73230 | Henriettenstr. 6a ...

This will be a strange day because episodes end today. First a fellow I worked together for 15 years will have his last working day before he gets retired. We started as co-workers and finally became friends. He was one the few different people in my office that also was an exalted music lover and a great supporter of VfB Stuttgart. Later this day I will join one of my favorite pubs for the last time. It is the first one in my town who became victim of Covid-19. Almost three months the pub was closed and the owner had no chance to make business volume. Sure the government was there to give her cheap loans but you have to pay back the credit in the future. And if the sales are just enough to make a living from I can understand that you easier want to live without debts than to agonize how to pay the monthly rates. So me and a handful of regular customers were invited to have a last good evening there. I gave thoughts what songs would fit to this and came back to Iggy Pop because songs from The Idiot were played often at this place. A great place to be will be closed but we will remember the good times we had there talking, playing pool, dart or just watching football on TV.

Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight
Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing
Iggy Pop - Funtime

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