Sonntag, 31. Mai 2020

Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin (4) | Film im rbb | rbb

One of the best German criminal TV serials is going to season 3 in a few weeks. Based on a very good novel by Volker Kutscher the serial shows a very true picture how Berlin in the 20's was. The series plays in Berlin of 1929 be extreme as itself because of the increasing economic problems as well as the strengthening resulting from it and the radicalization increasing again him and left organisations already the failure of the Weimar republic draws. The main protagonist commissioner Gereon Rath suffers, how many ex-servicemen in this time, under the postal-traumatic load disturbance of the war shivering which is an after-effect of the application in the First World War. During his investigations he gets into contact with drugs, politics, murder and extremism. Rath's nvestigations soon go out the original custom-police sphere and interfere with the violent discussions between Trotskyist and Stalinisten, to the unlawful arms trade and the riots of the blood Mai. The best I can say about this serial is that the combine historical facts with a great entertainment.

One of the scenes is Moka Efti, a big night club in Berlin of the 1920s and they tried to film the lust for life in this small clip.

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