Montag, 11. Mai 2020

Monday's Long Song

Wildwechsel - Psychedelic Trauma: Kanaan und Glasgow Coma Scale

Kanaan is a new Norwegian trio and released their first album Windborne two years ago. Another great Scandinavian band giving us their own psychedelic music that reminds me to Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzist. It is their mix of powerful guitar music coupled with elements of prog and stoner rock added with a little touch of jazz. A. Hausenbecken convinced with it's easy style and dreamy melody.

Kanaan - A. Hausenbecker

What they are able to you can hear on their new album Odense Sessions that was released last week as well as their regular second album Double Sun. It is a bit of a looser side of their sound with Grateful Dead-esque dual-guitars.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Excellent stuff Walter. El Paraiso is a great label.