Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

Rare Days

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Yesterday I met an old girl friend in the supermarket and we talked about how to handle the days of social distance and she invited me to join her to a demonstration for giving us back our basic rights in the afternoon. I heard about this because it started one week ago in Stuttgart and and as I had nothing else to do I agreed. When we arrived at a big place close to my office more than 5.000 people were there all keeping their 1,5 meters distance to the other people. What I saw horrified me. Pathetic speakers on the stage talked under the disguise of freedom of choice for all about to replace the government. Reichsbürger (a collective term for a scene very heterogeneous ideologically and organizationally from mostly individuals the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany as a legitimate and sovereign state deny and reject whose legal system. To the ideologies represented by so-called imperial citizens often belong the refusal of the democracy, ideology elements of the right-wing extremism, historical revisionism and partial anti-semitism or the denial of the Holocaust. They divide a position of the refusal of an open and pluralistic society and refuse to pay, among the rest, taxes and penalties or to obey court orders and administrative decisions. Besides, "classical" imperial citizens appeal to the fact that in her opinion the German empire survives instead of the federal republic furthermore, according to her ideology either in the borders of the German empire or in those of 1937). Other spokesmen explained us crude conspiracy theories or told us Armageddon is close. There were also a fraction of people refusing a general compulsory vaccination because the government wants to sedate us with drugs to change the world. After 30 minutes I left the ground shaking my head about those stupid but dangerous people capturing the state of emergency for their own ideas. What makes me angry is that a lot of younger people join this statements don't reflecting that we had things like these happened 90 years ago.

The tracks for Sunday are by Melenas, a four-piece girl band from Pamplona, Spain. I discovered their new album Dias Raros a few days ago when 29 grados was played on a radio show. It is a beautiful melange of post-punk with spacey guitars, metric drums and great vocal arrangements. One of those albums that will be lost in time and only a few will remember.

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JC hat gesagt…

I was reading just today about how these sorts of events are happening in cities all over Europe. It is frightening to see how many foolish people there are who are so detatched from reality. I am glad you are not one of them!

Stay safe my friend.