Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2020

Drunken Master

Dungeon Acid Archivi - SonOfMarketing

Today's a bank holiday in southern Germany and usually celebrated as father's day. Normally guys meet for hiking through the countryside to stop by several beer gardens for a pint. In these lockdown days it is not allowed to meet in bigger groups and not all of the the beer gardens are re-opened. A few days ago I was invited by a friend to go out walking for an hour or so looking for a place where we can get a pint anyway the circumstances are. So I agreed and I will see what will happen. Today's track is a re-release by High Boys, two Stockholm, Sweden and Denmark based electronic DJ's and electronic musicians. Drunken Master is a lovely piece of experimental techno and convinced with a few hypnotic sound effects over a steady beat.

Jean-Louis Huhta as one half of High Boys released several tracks under Dungeon Acid and made also some fine tunes inspired by techno, acid and electronic Krautrock.

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drew hat gesagt…

Loving those tunes Walter. Have a good long weekend and I hope you get a beer