Dienstag, 12. Mai 2020

Purchased (Not Only) By The Cover

The blue mask von Lou Reed, LP bei pycvinyl - Ref:116294050

It was in 1982 when Lou Reed released his eleventh album The Blue Mask after a few records that were not bad but didn't reached his own level. Together with Velvet Underground collaborator Robert Quinn Reed made one of the best never expected albums from 1982. I loved the way the mixed the guitars separately on the left and right channel. And Lou Reed wrote a few of his most intimate songs since a very long time. He found the balance between intimate ballads and bleeding guitars. The cover features a blue version of the photograph he used on Transformer ten years before. I still love the cover because it is pure and it has a touch of Warhol's Factory.

Lou Reed - Waves Of Fear
Lou Reed - The Gun
Lou Reed - The Blue Mask

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

Lou had been going through the motions from the mid 70s onwards and The Blue Mask was a brief return to form. Most of it was recorded live in a couple of takes with musicians who had never played together before. Pretty remarkable really, and shows how strong the material was and what a great line-up Lou had on this record. He wasn't to make another record of this quality until New York, which turned out to be one of the very best of his career!