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Schatten Voraus

Geisterfahrer - Schatten Voraus (1980, Vinyl) | Discogs

In the times when punk broke and new wave began to conquer the world the music print medias mostly ignored it or told us that it was just another trend of the year and will be gone soon. The only magazine that argued with this in Germany in 1979 was SOUNDS (SPEX as the main medium for new music appeared one year later). I remember the discourses in the editorial office of the magazine about the new music and the old ones that stuck in their old musical taste praising all the yesterdays music as surpassing. As a part of the DIY-culture two SOUNDS editors formed with  Holger Hiller (shortly later co-former of Fehlfarben) a band called Geisterfahrer (wrong-way driver). Their first album is called Schatten Voraus (Shades Ahead) and a typical product of German new wave. It is a mixture of cold-wave and gothic rock that prepared the road for dark-wave. Their music was groundbreaking in Germany and sadly they never got the critical acclaim they should have and it is worth to remember them. Maybe it is the start of small series.

Geisterfahrer - Das Ufer
Geisterfahrer - Sand am Meer
Geisterfahrer - Vertrauen

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