Sonntag, 2. August 2015

From The In-Box

During the last weeks a lot of new stuff arrived to review and to listen to. Most of them are either terrible or heard the same way other bands played. Technically correct but without any inspiration or soul. A few of them I would like to listen a second time but only these two band grabbed my attention and are worth to be featured here.

the British IBM is a band from Cambridge, UK, and they will release their second album 'Psychopaths Dream In  Black and White' in early September. As far as I know it is a project by singer/songwriter Adrian Killens who was supported live with percussion and bass. They offer a few downtempo and melancholic songs in the tradition of Lambchop added with the sound of Scottish bands like Belle and Sebastian and sometimes they remind me to Matthew Sweet . The songs are well arranged and Adrian's voice fits to them very well. But what makes these songs different to many others is the appearance of Anna Scott. She plays a wonderful cello on these songs and I can't get them out of my mind. Well done.

The other band calls oneself The Graceland Conspiracy. The two members, Crooksy and Wilki, formed the band back in 2012 in Belfast, NI. Their philosophy is simple - using old tunes found lying around their heads, they have forged together a handful of musical pieces, guitar riffs, piano fragments, bass lines, fx pedals , old microphones, gaffer tape and trumpet stabs. A mixture of gothic tones and sparkling pop, sun drenched despair to joyous thunderstorms. Influenced by different artists like Sparklehorse, Mark Lanegan, Sigur Ros and The Doors they the result is worth to listen. It is a little psychedelic, fuzzy song. 

More music and a free download on their homepage.

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Two good ones Walter although the British IBM are probably my favourite.
Well done in picking these out

Brian hat gesagt…

Digging British IBM too, Walter.