Dienstag, 8. August 2023

The Feminine Divine


Kevin Rowland is back with Dexys after one decade with a new album. Since he appeared with the Midnight Runners in the 80s I followed him and his music through almost 40 years. Rowland brought back (Northern) soul to my ears and I am grateful about it. One Day I'M Going To Soar was a highlight in 2012 and often played at my place. Now he brought a new album filled with nothing new old fashioned sounds. Rousing pop and soul are popular, with wonderfully brass-heavy instrumented, perfectly arrayed pieces, such as the rightly decoupled single I'm Going To Get Free or the similarly intense northern soul piece Coming Home. For me an excellent album that will surely will appear in my years end list.

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Rol hat gesagt…

My copy is sitting on top of the computer. I just haven't got around to listening to it yet. Sounds like I'm in for a treat though!