Montag, 28. August 2023

Monday's Long Song


My email inbox has been overflowing in the last few weeks and I only got around to deleting hundreds of inboxes and taking a closer look at the interesting ones in the last few days. Once again, an email from Heavenly Records caught my eye, as their releases have been among the most interesting in the last few months alongside Höga Nord Records.  Until then, Local Psycho and The Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra were unknown to me. The orchestra is essentially Jem Finer and Jimmy Cauty, both London based musicians. They released a few weeks ago their first song and return now with remixed versions of The Hurdy-Gurdy Song. What kind of music do you expect in this 23 minutes? A frenetic drone experience that should be listened loud. Seldom a press release nailed it better: 

Finally, the Stone Club mix sees the people behind the country's hottest megalithic fanclub deconstruct and pull and reshape The Hurdy Gurdy Song before adding trippy vocal samples  and seismic distortion to create a spaced out spiritual ambient dronescape that stretches out over twenty plus minutes of supreme, beautiful, horizontal oddness

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