Sonntag, 27. August 2023



On our way back from our education me and my colleague we had to drive home by train for five hours and were too tired to talk much. So we sat and checked the news on our mobile phone. This was the time I got aware that Wreckless Eric released a new record after ages. I didn't expected a new record by him because the last things I read about him that he nearly died and he was battling with long Covid. It seems that he was is better shape and able to record a new album at the age of 69. What I heard impressed me much and it is good he returned to classic song writing and he didn't lost his ability to write great songs. Most of them were recorded with classic instruments and superb arranged. His voice is older but not broken, the Rickenbacker guitar shines through this songs and Amy Rigby appears on backing vocals. Okay it is a record with old fashioned songs but for me the right music at the right time. Welcome back, Eric.

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Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

I'm off to see the great man this afternoon, he's headlining at a small local free festival near me. I'm sure we'll be hearing a few tunes from the new album.

Walter hat gesagt…

Enjoy the gig, Ernie. It is always worth to see him live