Mittwoch, 22. März 2023

Fire On The Mountain

These days arrived the news that London based collective Rude Audio will release a collaboration with Welsh musician Dan Wainwright called Psychedelic Science. They only released an appetizer from their forthcoming album Fire On The Mountain, but what I heard was more than I expected. Both artists were featured on this pages during the last years and they released a lot of outstanding music for me. Now they changed they musical style and combined Grateful Dead's Westcoast sound with British reggae. The result is nothing more or less a very big surprise that made me happy. I listened to this song the first time and can't stop to play it once again. This are some words they made when they released this album:

Inspired by radio play and club support from the likes of Don Letts and - bless his cotton socks and may he RIP - Andrew Weatherall and rooted in our love of US psychedelia, especially the Dead and Jefferson Airplane, we decided to buckle down and create a massive dub lp, steeped in mycological and herbal goodness, that would appeal to the head(s) and the feet and work in clubs, back rooms and bedrooms. We were joined by Ken Kesey's right hand man on the Acid Test, Ken Babbs and psychedelic and spiritual guru, Mr Ram Dass, for part of the trip.

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