Montag, 13. März 2023

Monday's Long Song


The late 60's were stamped by post-psychedelic and blues influenced music. The most popular bands came from across the ocean and psyche and guitar based from from Europe played in league two. While bands in Germany developed krautrock as a new musical style our neighbors in Netherlands tried to find new ways in rock music. In 1969 Dutch rock band Golden Earring released Eight Miles High an album inspired by a song by The Byrds. The essence of this album is a 19 minute long version of this song showing what was possible when a bass is taking over the leading position to give it back to a heavy blues-guitar. It is a song I listen often to in my very younger days and came back to it when I listened to The Byrds recently. Still a great version even if it is out of time now.

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High

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JC hat gesagt…

Golden Earring had a huge hit here in the UK when I was just a kid with a song called Radar Love. I don't think I've heard it for about 40 years, so I've just gone and looked it up on You Tube.

It was 1973 (I'd be 10 year old). I can hear why it made such a big impression on me, as it has a really catchy chorus and load of great solo instrumentation on it. While I'm not loving it all the way through, there's bits of it which can still be heard in the music of many current bands.