Donnerstag, 2. März 2023

Cello Song


I am not a fan of albums paying tribute to an artist or a band. Most of the songs that were interpreted by various artists have no further ideas to play a song in a different way. This was my first thought when I got the news that The Endless Coloured Ways a tribute to the music of Nick Drake was released. Nick Drake only released three albums before he died on the abuse of antidepressant drugs too early. He was one of those artists who was able to touch me with his very own way of writing songs that came straight to my heart. I gave this tribute a chance and listened to a few songs. The only one that I can commit with was Fontaines D.C. because they didn't tried to make a version of this song. This little band from Dublin tried to transform this song into their own sound and the result is much better than I could expect. Anyway, a good job but you can't beat the original that touched my heart from the first time I listened to it.

To compare: here is the original.

3 Kommentare:

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Love the Nick Drake orignal and this cover is very good.

JC hat gesagt…

I think you are right about most tribute albums. I don't know enough about Nick Drake to comment on this one, but maybe 30 years or so ago (just was 1991), there was a fantastic tribute album to Leonard Cohen called 'I'm Your Fan'. It is well worth a listen.

Walter hat gesagt…

It is not necessary to know the music of Nick Drake. This song is one of his best and this version is very different to the original he made decades ago. And I agree, the tribute to Leonard Cohen is probably the best one ever made.