Dienstag, 28. Februar 2023

Music For The Jilted Generation


In the early 1990's Liam Howlett and Keith Flint formed The Prodigy a band that was the blueprint of many other bands that would follow. After a short release they made a groundbreaking album with Music for the Jilted Generation. On this album they mixed hardcore breakbeat, dub, reggae, rap, jungle and acid-house to a new sound I never heard before. After this album rave and everything else could be possible. Their manifoldness is probably best shown with this both songs. The Prodigy were one of the first bands that turned away from classic songwriting turning into a never ending sound for the dancefloor. Sadly less people remember the quality of their songs and their possibility of seeking the future of sound.

The Prodigy - 3 Kilos

The Prodigy - Skylined

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Khayem hat gesagt…

There were some moments of promise on their debut Experience and Out Of Space remains one of the best singles The Prodigy released, but for me Music for the Jilted Generation was the album that showed they really meant business. Thanks, Walter!