Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2023

Violent Drive


Yesterday I featured Jesse Fahnestock's latest release that grabbed me from the start to the end. Today is the time to feature the latest release by Kerala Dust, a band regular visitors know that they appeared at this place for several times. Kerala Dust is a band formed in 2016 by Edmund Kenny in London and now switching between Berlin and Zurich. During the last years they played their very own version of Brisish Americana but now they left all their roots behind and made their own unique sound between Velvet Underground, Can and bluesy Americana. Kerala Dust made one of those albums you can hear in a row and it never gets boring. Hypnotic rhythms changes into progressive sounds to return into a bluesy mood with picked electric guitar lines to include Portishead sounds into their music. Since I got this album it was on heavy rotation and I can only recommend this here. 

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