Dienstag, 21. Februar 2023

Transition Theory


Last Sunday our dear friend Khayem released a post featuring 10:40's new album. Jesse Fahnestock made an album that I never expected in this way. He left his usual ways in mixing great music and turned into many kinds of music and sounds he was inspired by. And he made a record that grows for me the more I listen to it. If it was a slow-mo dub-inspired journey on Regime Shift Dub that could appear on every album by The Orb or a bleeping experience on At the turning of the time with a chilly groove  or Jimmy Ripp, a psychedelic krautrock inspired song with an analogue inspired groove. He makes everything right on this record. For me a highlight of this year because I didn't listen to any other album I can find more details in many songs the more I listen to them.


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