Dienstag, 7. Februar 2023

News From The Past


After the split of London based Northern Ireland post-punk band The Undertones brothers O'Neill returned to their home in Derry to form another band. That Petrol Emotion returned from the ashes with a new sound. More guitars as The Undertones, different arranged songs full of hooks on their first two albums. They combined the energy of new wave with the ability to write great pop hymns. I still love their early output from the mid 80's because they hit my nerves. Someone once said that they combine The Clash with CCR and listening to their songs I can't say he's wrong. Babble is for me the better album than their debut because it more raw than their first one. An album that is almost complete when you listening to it in full length in a row. 

That Patrol Emotion - Swamp

That Petrol Emotion - For What It's Worth

But TPE weren't only a post-punk band they also experimenting with new sounds like remixes, samples and other stuff like this and prepared the floor of the upcoming sound of Manchester that came popular in the following years.

That Petrol Emotion - Abandon (Boys Own Remix)

That Petrol Emotion - Hey Venus (Mad Thatcher Disease Remix)

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Good band, great pair of remixes

JC hat gesagt…

I didn't quite take to TPE back in the day. But, just last year, 'Babble' was re-released on vinyl on the Last Night From Glasgow label (across two records with a number of b-sides and remixes included) and I was able to give it a listen again. It is, as you say, a good listen.